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    Curious About Creativity With Sara Abbas

    Curious About Creativity With Sara Abbas

    If there’s any creative who we’re consistently curious about, it’s Sara Abbas.

    Every time we tune in, she is crushing a new goal or raising the bar for herself in some innovative way. This time it is fashion. With all the many hats she wears, from the entrepreneur to the author, or from singer / songwriter to fashion designer, she is uncompromising in her pursuit of her vision and is a firm believer in achieving excellence.

    With Women’s Excellence being on everyone’s mind, we wanted to include Sara in our project; she is creatively living her life to the fullest and setting an exciting example of excellence.

    “For as long as I can remember, I used to spend a great amount of time thinking of new ways to do things. I would ponder how to overcome challenges I was facing, even as a toddler. I prefer to think of tougher things as challenges, problems do not exist in my world! Growing up, I spent a great deal of time alone, so I was always very resourceful in finding ways to figure things out, answer questions, come up with theories, and create things that brought joy to myself or those around me. As an adult this manifested in many of wonderful ways.” Now Sara is disrupting the fashion industry, working to create classic pieces with necessary updates. “Before designing, I used to wear something and think – it would be so easy to make this better, why isn’t anyone doing it? Now I completely understand why we do not see designs like mine every day, they are complicated to construct and even more challenging to produce in any quantity while maintaining high standards of quality.”

    “As part of the most recent collection I designed, which was mostly lingerie, I wanted to create flattering leg garters; have you ever seen the traditional garters with outdated elastic bands that dig into the thighs? The idea is sexy, but often the reality is quite the opposite. I am doing things differently though – the garters at Always A Muse are smoothing and elegant. I think much of the issue is due to an industry that was not always female-focused, and perhaps got comfortable just designing for runway models – who I love, don’t get me wrong! But, what is flattering for one may be less for another. When I initially sent the measurements to our seamstresses in Italy to create our updated garters, one of them replied “this is for the waist, correct?” I had to laugh as I replied – “no, ladies, we are making garters for thicker thighs – we are making history!”

    Sara is the founder and designer extraordinaire behind Always A Muse, the luxury fashion line dedicated to solving challenges and flattering women so they can access effortless glam every day. Some may say “effortless” and “glamorous” don’t go together, but Sara disagrees. She has assembled a talented team across multiple continents and her designs have already caught the attention of celebs and media across the globe. “Gone are the days of sacrificing looking great for being comfortable. Life doesn’t need to be complicated! Each piece is thoughtfully engineered to be ultra-flattering as well as stylish, elegant and alluring.” She encourages readers to visit to sign up for the newsletter and to learn more about each collection and its pieces, some of which have multiple patents pending due to the unique way she has imagined them.

    You have probably already heard of Ev0lver Inc. as well, a global talent agency and consulting firm also founded by Sara. She enjoys being a published author, accomplished singer / songwriter, world-traveler, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, wellness advocate, and personal development devotee when she’s not running her businesses. She adores reading, learning, and listening. She founded a nonprofit organization and is bringing to life multiple film, literary and philanthropic projects. Those interested in collaboration or partnership with Sara, or those interested in learning more about her unreleased projects should connect with her on Linkedin; some of those projects include a collective of conscious leadership / conscious royalty dialogues, a book on improving mindset for optimal success, a screenplay about the 1st Gulf War, and various music projects, just to name a few.

    Activating Excellence – Sara’s Tips for Personal Elevation

    Because The Fox Magazine is all about excellence, we asked Sara what are some of her favorite things our audience can do right now to activate excellence in their own lives. Here they are, The 5 E’s, in her own words:

    1. Empower Yourself with Your Own Focus: What other people think of you is none of your business. Your Attention is your power, do not give that away (unless you really want to), and be mindful when you do.
    2. Expect Miracles: People are always amazed because “miraculous” and incredible things tend to happen when I am around. Miracles happen because I expect them! I focus on the best possible outcomes (I practically obsess over them) – and it has proven to be a very powerful habit.
    3. Excite Your Child Self: Do something each day or each week (at least) that would make your 5-year-old self really happy. This can have a massive impact on your overall sense of fulfillment.
    4. Embrace Your Differences: The way you are different is a way you will shine! Never fret about not “fitting in” – you are not here to please the crowd – you are here to be 1000% you.
    5. Energy Management: Get real with yourself about the amount of space you need for different things, set boundaries on when you will handle different kinds of tasks or communication, and make sure you have plenty of time for self-care, it is how you will ultimately best serve others.

    Visit Sara’s official website at, subscribe to her newsletter, and follow her on Social Media (@HerMajestySara on all platforms) so you don’t miss any of the excellence she is creating.

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