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    The 3 Best Indoor Vertical Gardening Systems

    The 3 Best Indoor Vertical Gardening Systems

    Whether you are looking to save more on grocery bills or are worried about the presence of pesticides in your food, getting started with a garden of your own enables your entire household to be in control of their food.

    However, it can become challenging to build a backyard garden, especially if you live in a city that’s always hustling and bustling. As a solution, many people are switching to indoor vertical garden setups that allow households to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits of their choice.

    If you are excited to get started, here are the best systems to consider:

    Sprout Nursery

    Germination of a seed is a time-consuming process that the Gardyn Sprout Nursery aims to speed up so you can start the harvest cycles sooner. The setup is ideal for growing microgreens while balancing the nutritional supply for a better and more nutrition-rich harvest.

    Know the product

    • The yCube (made of corn-based compostable plastic) can easily be inserted into the tray with the seeds to initiate the process.
    • Ten seeds can be germinated at the same time using the sprout nursery.
    • It is essential to monitor the water levels to prevent flooding of the yCubes.

    Home Kit 4.0

    If you want to grow your full-fledged vertical garden, then the Gardyn Home Kit 4.0 can be the answer. The easy-to-setup and kickstart nature of the kit enables even first-time plant parents to start planting within 30 minutes of the installation.

    Know the product

    • Follow the manual for quick and hassle-free installation.
    • The product is 24” W x 12” D x 64” H and comes with two 40W LED lights.
    • Sensors, including humidity and interior temperature measurement and water level indicator, will be used to monitor the growth of your harvest.
    • The columns are made with UV-stabilized, recyclable, BPA-free materials, offering a safe growth environment.

    Home Kit 3.0

    The future-ready vertical garden is AI-powered and can grow up to 30 plants over one year. The garden is easy to put up, and anyone can start planting within an hour of installation.

    Know the product

    • The kit can be installed within 30 minutes, and you can plant your seeds right away.
    • The AI-powered kit has multiple indicators to measure water levels, humidity, and interior temperature for optimal growth.
    • The set-up measures 24” W x 12 ”D x 64 ”H and comes with two 60W LED lights.

    Gardyn makes growing your own plants hassle-free

    Growing and planning your garden is no longer dependent on having a backyard. Gardyn makes it possible to start your vertical garden without worrying about its environmental impact. The kits allow both beginners and advanced garden enthusiasts to experiment with growing different plants using future-ready technology. So, it is time to start planning the vegetables, herbs, and fruits you will grow in your vertical garden and the recipes you want to try with them!

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