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    Health Food Innovator Edward & Sons Introduces New Line of Vegan Wafer Rolls

    Health Food Innovator Edward & Sons Introduces New Line of Vegan Wafer Rolls

    The introduction of the new line caps off a milestone year for the company as 2018 marked Edward & Sons’ 40th year.

    The company has been consistently devoted to meeting and anticipating the needs of millions of health and environmentally-conscious consumers seeking deliciously nutritious vegetarian, vegan, organic and/or gluten-free versions of their favorite foods and condiments.

    Carino™ Cocoa Creme Wafer Rolls and Carino™ Hazelnut Wafer Rolls are crisp rolled wafers filled with creamy centers, crafted from wholesome kosher ingredients, and free from dairy and gluten. You can enjoy them with a favorite tea or coffee or as a tasty finish to any meal. Both varieties of Edward & Sons’ new Carino™ Wafer Rolls are vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified.

    Soon to be sold at health food and other retail markets nationwide, the new wafer rolls can currently be purchased on the Edward & Sons site. or on Amazon.

    A History of Firsts:                                                  

    In addition to Miso-Cup soup and Baked Brown Rice Snaps, Edward & Sons has been first-to-market with numerous forward-looking products over the past 40 years, including canned coconut milk, hearts of palm, pineapple chunks and mandarin oranges, Worcestershire sauce, croutons, panko, ice cream cones and many more.

    Indeed, Joel and his team have successfully developed so many different products over these past 40 years that they’ve chosen to create subsidiary brands to market and distinguish them all.

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