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    Eco-Friendly Swaps That Help Save The Planet

    Eco-Friendly Swaps That Help Save The Planet

    By now you know that everyone needs to do their bit to take care of the only planet we call home.

    The good news is that you don’t need to eschew all of modern life and go live in a field all alone to make a difference.

    Indeed even small swaps like the ones you will find below all add up to help make our way of life that bit more sustainable. Read on to find out more.

    Haircare products

    Most people buy at least shampoo and conditioner every month, with some also investing in gels, mousse, dry shampoo, wax and all manner of other lotions and potions. The problem with traditional hair care products is that they come with a great deal of waste, namely those big plastic bottles, which even when being recycled can use up a significant amount of energy.

    Instead, it’s much more sustainable to swap to solid shampoo and conditioner bars that come in paper or card packaging. This is because they avoid the problem of plastic bottles and the little paper and card that is used in their packing can easily be recycled or even composted at home.


    A pricey but hugely effective swap that will help you save the planet is to trade in your gas-guzzling fossil fuel car for an electric vehicle (EV). EVs are not only cleaner and quieter to run, but can be run solely on electricity made from renewable sources. Of course, for this to be the case you will need to do one of two things. The first is to make use of something like a solar carport EV charging station that both shelters your car and generates the power to run it. Alternatively, you can make sure that your home’s electric supply comes from a provider that offers 100% clean and renewable energy.

    Another option when it comes to vehicles is to choose public transport instead of driving or running your own car. This is more eco-friendly because it allows a single vehicle to be used for multiple people, thereby cutting down on CO2 emissions.

    Food storage

    Currently, a massive amount of plastic is used in food storage and this is bad news for the environment in many ways. First of all, it takes considerable energy to make, which in turn pollutes the atmosphere often for a single-use item like a plastic water bottle. Secondly, there is further pollution of our oceans when discarded plastic items find their way into the marine environment.

    That is why switching from plastic food storage items to more sustainable options is the best approach. One way you can do this is to stop buying single-use freezer and zip bags and switch to reusable options instead of silicon pouches. Additionally, skipping the plastic wrap to keep food fresh and using fabric treated with bees’ wax can help stop a massive amount of waste from ending up in our oceans.

    Lastly, instead of buying plastic tubs and containers to pack lunches and house leftovers, why not switch to glass ones instead. Even reusing takeout containers, instead of throwing them away can help stop the never-ending flow of plastic into the environment.

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