Foodie Con 2018: The Comic-Con for Foodies!

    Foodie Con delivers an unforgettable culinary experience all under one roof and all in one fun-filled weekend!

    This two-day shopping and educational event offer attendees the chance to meet culinary purveyors, purchase the newest food trends, and experience cuisines from hand-selected vendors including food artisans, kitchen gadgets, local chefs, food trucks, craft breweries, wineries, and more.

    Imagery by Mike Fox.

    The Fox Magazine covered the event and tasted some incredible food, along with learned a few recipes to help achieve a balanced diet. People from all over came to The Reef to check out an extraordinary event in Los Angeles.

    Foodie Con LA took place April 7 & 8, 2018 at the REEF in Downtown Los Angeles and is located at 1933 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Although this is not a sampling event, there are quite a few vendors that sample products. However, there will also be various food vendors on site selling a wide variety of food.

    Food Enthusiasts gather to explore the latest culinary trends and learn cooking techniques from renowned chefs.

    There is a bundle of activities to enjoy at Foodie Con for all ages. Attending this conference may just change your entire taste buds. Here’s why:

    Cooking Classes
    Certified chefs and team members from around the world showcased healthier and better ways to make meals in far less time. With a specially designed booth by Foodie Con, it allowed the audience to observe the exact steps of the instructors.

    Silent Disco
    To let the edge off and maybe even a few calories, Foodie Con’s silent disco allowed attendees to dance in color with a decorated space including a DJ on the turntables.

    Los Angeles is full of different cultures. There are food brands from all over that display the same vision, a healthier world. Vendors showcased incredible heritage and taste from a wide range of dishes and samples for attendees.

    Food Enthusiasts gather to explore the latest culinary trends and learn cooking techniques from renowned chefs. Attendees can taste and buy their way around LA’s ultimate consumer food and beverage event. Foodie Con truly showcases all that is good in the culinary community.

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      Foodie Con 2018: The…

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