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    Home-Bound Health Tips To Fight COVID-19

    Home-Bound Health Tips To Fight COVID-19

    COVID-19 has forced us into the 4th week of lockdown. Many people are quarantined in search of solutions and ways to reduce risk.

    In addition to social distancing and proper hygiene practices (like 20-second hand-washing, tissue-covered coughing, and disinfecting) is there anything else you can do to improve your health?

    Although there’s no magic food or pill to protect you from contracting the Coronavirus, maintaining healthy habits that keep your immune system strong is the best thing you can do.

    “In this time of uncertainty and social distancing, the only things you can control are your hygiene, what you eat, and how you move your body…”

    … says health coach Nathaniel Jordan. We all know nutrition is important for health but it’s easy to let this fall by the wayside in times of panic, stress, and boredom – the emotions that many are experiencing right now in quarantine. Stocking your freezer and pantry with nutritious versatile ingredients is important.

    So which foods are immune-boosting and quarantine-friendly?

    Nathaniel Jordan recommends eating and storing superfoods like greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds (or G-BOMBS for short.) Greens and dark cruciferous veggies (like kale and broccoli) freeze well and they are nutrient-dense containing anti-inflammatory agents like vitamins A and C. Beans are extremely quarantine-friendly food. Not only do they have a long shelf life, but they are also packed with protein and fiber, keeping you full and satisfied without overeating.

    Onions, garlic, and other veggies in the allium family are versatile ingredients high in beneficial sulfur compounds that not only boost flavor but also immune health. Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins, which promote skin and gut health. Of course fresh is best but low sodium canned varieties make a nutritious and shelf-stable substitute. Berries are freezer-friendly and filled with antioxidants and flavonoids which are great for brain health and memory. Seeds also have a long shelf life and are rich in micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.

    In addition to eating healthy, it’s also important to stay active both physically and mentally. Keep your body moving by taking walks, dancing, doing yoga, even gardening or cleaning can get your heart pumping. Having the right mindset will also support immune health. Communicate regularly with your family and friends so that social distancing doesn’t lead to emotional isolation.

    “Making healthy lifestyle choices that support immune health is the best thing we can do as we quarantine but making this information understandable and accessible is key…”

    …says Jordan who has devoted his career to bringing health information to the masses. As a certified health coach and keynote speaker, praised for his common sense, simplistic approach, he teaches practical strategies for healthy living.

    Nathaniel Jordan has information and advice about nutrition and immune health. He is actively sharing tips and actionable strategies people can use to eat healthily, stay active, and maintain healthy habits during COVID-19 quarantine.


    Nathaniel Jordan is an author, professional wellness speaker, and nationally recognized health coach. Affectionately known as The Minister of Wellness, he has earned his place as one of the world’s most powerful health speakers by delivering concentrated based strategies that have an immediate impact.

    After losing 100 pounds and reversing his own heart disease in 2012, he now helps others by teaching the fundamentals of health and the healing power of food.

    Through his keynote speaking, coaching, and national media appearances, he’s helped thousands of people achieve their health goals and eradicate disease with dozens of dramatic success stories from around the nation.

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