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    Thomson Lakes and Mountains Reveal Their Guide for Europe’s Secret Sweets

    Thomson Lakes and Mountains Reveal Their Guide for Europe’s Secret Sweets

    A new interactive from Thomson Lakes and Mountains has taken a look at some of the best and lesser-known sugary treats from all over Europe.

    Click here to dive into their collection of continental desserts!

    Satisfying your sweet tooth can often be one the best parts of a holiday. Whether it’s in a restaurant, a patisserie or lazing by the pool, discovering your new favorite dessert can often be the highlight of any trip.

    Thomson Lakes and Mountains have put together some of the finest sweet delights from nine hotspots for getaways with treats you may know or are yet to sample. Their interactive map will take you across the continent, showcasing the finest pastries, biscuits, and cakes.

    Here are some of their best finds!


    The Clafoutis is the baked fruit dessert from Limousin packed with black cherries, supposedly derived from the Occitan word ‘fill’. Fill up, indeed!


    The nougat-like treat Mandorlato Torrone is local to a small commune named Cologna Veneta. The region in the Province of Verona even has its own annual nougat festival!


    If you’re in Salzburg, be sure to sample the Nockerl, a dumpling-style dessert iconic to Austrian cuisine. The powdered sugar dusting is meant to signify the snow-covered mountain peaks.


    The Torrija serves up what is essentially a variation of French toast, originating over 500 years ago and often made with alcohol.


    The Berliner Pfannkuchen is the dessert responsible for JFK calling himself a doughnut which, while not strictly true, adds some humorous history to a tasty treat.


    Lisbon’s Bolo Rei is a traditional cake covered with candied fruit often eaten around Christmas time.

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