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    Zen Eating Helps People Feel Full From Less Food

    Zen Eating Helps People Feel Full From Less Food

    New research shows that reducing how much you eat is the key to sustainable weight loss.

    Zen Eating is pleased to introduce its new water sipping device and method that trains the mouth to eat less. Used for five seconds before a meal, the device trains the tongue and throat to swallow less amounts of food at once.

    “It’s the easy way to control your eating,” says Zen Eating founder Scott Hirsch. “You’ll find that you eat slower, enjoy your food more, and feel full from less food. What easier way is there to lose weight or stay on a diet?”

    Professor John Mew of John Mew Orthotropics says that up to 97% of adults do not swallow correctly. This contributes to fast overeating for a few reasons.

    1. The first is that most people swallow way too much food at once because they don’t fully close the tongue-to-palate gap.
    2. Secondly, people tend to suck food down too fast like a vacuum cleaner by using the cheeks during swallowing.
    3. Thirdly, every bad swallow activates a small stress response. This leaves people less satisfied and robs them of the relaxation and satisfaction they could be feeling with every bite.

    Poor swallowing can also lead to snoring, dental problems and acid reflux. New research shows that eating less can be ten times more effective for losing weight than exercise.

    According to Hirsch, having a physical tool to eat less also beats relying on willpower alone.

    “Zen Eating gives you a feeling of total control and relaxation when eating,” he adds. “Because food is better digested with a fully active mouth, the feelings of hunger become much less extreme which helps prevent snacking.”

    Julia Belluz and Javier Zarracina from Vox an online magazine conducted a meta-study on 60 research papers about weight loss. Their conclusions fully support the premise that eating less works better than exercise for successful weight loss.

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