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    Asian-American Production Duo Goldlove Releases Single: Drug

    Asian-American Production Duo Goldlove Releases Single: Drug

    Goldlove, an Asian-American female production duo just released their new single “Drug” as their next step in becoming a breakout Asian-American production group.

    “Drug” smashes genre barriers, seamlessly blending classical instruments with modern synths.

    Goldlove is a pop production duo made up of twin sisters based in New York City. With over a decade of musical experience spanning from classical composition to production, they have developed an eclectic sound inspired by pop, alternative, and country/folk genres.

    Since starting their careers producing for other recording artists, Goldlove has worked with Grammy-winning musicians and been recognized by international organizations, most recently, the United Nations. Through the record label J&J Records LLC, Goldlove has released a string of singles showcasing their diverse skills.

    Their latest release is a single called “Drug” written and produced by Goldlove and featuring vocalist Soph Retief. With “Drug”, Goldlove takes their next step in becoming the first breakthrough Asian-American production group.

    “Drug” is Goldlove’s fifth single, and their first of the year, highlighting their path to becoming pioneering Asian-American female artists. Depicting a romance similar to an addiction, “Drug” is filled with metaphors that explore the light and dark sides of a relationship.

    Dreamy pop synths and cinematic strings mix seamlessly with Soph Retief’s vocals to create an experience similar to a drug-induced haze. Written and produced by Goldlove, “Drug” is a single that transcends genre barriers, featuring instruments from stripped-down electric pianos to a classical string quartet.

    Listen to their new single “Drug.”

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