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    L.A.-Based Ambient Producer Arroyo Low Sharing New Song and Video: Change

    L.A.-Based Ambient Producer Arroyo Low Sharing New Song and Video: Change

    Arroyo Low, the new solo project of L.A.-based musician and producer Dane Sandborg, has today released the third single from his upcoming debut album 2020, entitled “Change.”

    Discussing the track, Sandborg stated, “‘Change’ came to me in a quick flash of inspiration, in a moment where I was coming into a space of hope. Recorded in Topanga with Aaron Westine, who played all the percussion and drums on the track. Alex Siegel mixed and mastered.”

    Sandborg is working with visual artist Michael Rollins on all aspects of the 2020 release, including a series of NFT which will premiere at a gallery-hosted album release show, on July 30 in Venice Beach [details TBA]. 2020 will arrive July 29 via Bodan Kuma

    Discussing “Change”, Rollins noted,

    “This visual uses the song’s symbols as an anchoring point. Each song’s visualizer begins and ends with these symbols. It uses videos recorded during a live studio performance near the Angeles Crest Highway and Switzer Falls. In this composition, we started with the movement and nature videos, and from there we built it up to a unique look specific to the sounds.”

    Arroyo Low has announced a number of upcoming live performances around Los Angeles, including an ambient set at Space Gallery in Topanga Canyon, on June 16 and a stripped-down performance at the Hotel June West LA, in Playa Del Rey on June 22.

    Arroyo Low is an audio journey through a moment in time, weaving stories through personal meditative times during the past two years. Sonically the record works its way through genres, from lo-fi electronic to jazz, to world music and alternative, largely captured organically. While thematically it weaves between duality-of-self, reflection, meditation, joy, hope, and eventual change and evolution.

    Sandborg noted, that he chose to make the album 2020 “as an expression of just this being the first time I’ve put anything out, that’s my own musical vision. Arroyo Low in a way speaks to the space I was in when making this music and I didn’t even know it.”

    For the past decade, Sandborg has been a member of the bands IRONTOM and Fox Trails, touring the globe and supporting acts such as AWOLNATION, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.

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