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    Mounika. The French Beatmaker Returns With New Single: Intro (I m Sorry)

    Mounika. The French Beatmaker Returns With New Single: Intro (I m Sorry)

    In June 2017 Mounika. unveiled his debut single “Cut My Hair,” which amassed over 70+ million plays throughout the world.

    Now three years later, Mounika. prepares his return by offering “Intro (I m sorry)” to his early fans ahead of the single’s release on April 4, 2020. Those thanks to whom his music has gradually made its way around the world, month after month, year after year. This track is for Mounika. the opportunity to thank them and to put them in the confidence that something is coming…

    A melancholic, soft and dreamlike atmosphere, a perfect remedy against the gloom, “Intro (I m sorry)” has a special flavor.  Used to handling the art of sampling, it is Mounika. for the first time, who composes the piano melody and lays his voice on it. This inspiration came to him, he says, after listening to a piece by Chilly Gonzales.

    Somewhere in the west of France, in a student’s room, the artist Mounika. is far from imagining the impact that his very first productions will have… In June 2017, Mounika. decides to unveil his first album “How Are You” on Spotify, which contains among others the track “Cut My Hair”. In just a few months and against all odds due to the almost non-existent means of promotion, the track amasses 70+ million plays throughout the world and allows him to make a name for himself.

    In one image, Mounika.’s musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two showers, lets a summer sunshine through.

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    Mounika. The French …

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