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    Tristan de Liège Releases Video for “Laure”

    Tristan de Liège Releases Video for “Laure”

    The experimental electronic, multi-instrumentalist artist Tristan de Liège released the video for his new track “Laure.”

    “Laure” is the fourth release from Tristan de Liège’s acclaimed album, “Kosame,” which is inspired by the feelings of nostalgia, peacefulness, and transience that accompany rain.

    For “Laure,” the L.A. based composer wanted a video that captured a sense of transience in creating something beautiful.

    “I think there’s a particularly beautiful moment in making art when you have that first connection between the inspiration in your head and what you physically create using your materials,” de Liège says of the video. “As a musician, of course the song continues to exist from that point onward but there is a really special moment during that creation that is never quite felt again. I wanted this video to recreate that feeling.”

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