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    Why Musicians Need To Keep Their Creations Safe From Piracy

    Why Musicians Need To Keep Their Creations Safe From Piracy

    Most people think that if you’re a musician then you probably must take life and work less seriously.

    They can’t picture making music as a demanding job with challenges and difficulties like any other.

    Being talented is not the only thing you need to become a well-established musician. It takes hard work, sweat, blood, and tears for you to be able to make money doing what you love. You need to make sure you’re a good entrepreneur and businessman for you to achieve success in the music industry because nowadays people are able to listen and download most music illegally and even though this is exposure for you, it means that you’ll earn fewer royalties for your hard work.

    Here’s why every musician needs to protect their creations from Piracy.

    Studios Lose Millions to Piracy Every Year

    The most famous music studios in the world have teams and systems to help them with the cyberprivacy challenges, they also keep track of the losses that resulted from people illegally downloading music produced by them. If huge studios make millions of losses every year, then as a musician, you might be losing money that is vital for you to keep on making music and albums for your fans.

    It’s Not Just the Music You Release Online 

    Hackers can also target your in-progress work that is still being developed, not only the music you release online. So, as an artist, you need to ensure maximum security to the work that you still haven’t released yet. You will find plenty of companies and IT security professionals online that can help you, you just have to make sure you are with a company that you can trust and rely on.

    Professional cybersecurity and IT officers at offer real-world penetration testing services that are affordable and will guarantee security. So even if someone succeeds in stealing your music, copyrights will give you the power to get paid for this music, claim ownership and take it down. Make sure you get assessments and vulnerability checks regularly to gain maximum security over your music.

    Losing Money Means Losing Passion 

    If you keep trying to focus more on your music career and make it as independent artists but are not keeping your music safe from piracy then you’ll probably end up feeling that making it in this industry is impossible. It may even result in you losing your confidence and the will to make music since no one is giving you enough support as an independent artist.

    Don’t Encourage Thieves 

    Think about it. Allowing people to download your music illegally is like eating a bar of chocolate you never paid for. You need to make sure you’re not allowing your fans to steal songs while making sure that you’re easier to find. Try becoming available on more than one platform and offer a variety of streaming options to have fans find your music easily. This way, even if you are hacked or are going through a cyberattack you can still be sure that it’s only one source that’s affected and that the rest of your sources are solid and secured. This way your cybersecurity company will be able to easily reverse that action of sealing and get the compensation you deserve without harming your career and reputation as an artist

    It May Cost You a Lot of Money 

    Cybersecurity breaches might not only stop at getting attacked and having your creations stolen from your computer and on the internet under other people’s names. Cyberattacks are usually done by people who would like to make money out of it. Therefore, it will cost you huge amounts of money as a consequence of a data breach. So, you will not only feel depressed because you’re unable to make your music profitable and pursue the dream of entertaining people, but you would also be running out of large amounts of money for no reason.

    The fact is, by downloading music from private websites, you’re indirectly encouraging and helping the owners of these websites make revenues from the advertisements. By paying small amounts of money to be able to support your favorite musician, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. This artist can now make money from their songs and that means they’ll be able to continue making music and entertaining you.

    By protecting your creations, you will make sure you still make revenues out of it for as long as 70 years, even if you die, your family, children, and grandchildren can still benefit from the beautiful magical melodies you created.

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