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Food “Out-Wastes” Plastics On Natural Habitat Adventures’ Zero Waste Tour

On a trip designed to minimize 99% of trash, creators of the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure found food excess to be their biggest challenge.

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Laura Frecon’s Five Easy Tips To Having The Sustainable Wedding Of Your Dreams

If you believe in living an eco-conscious and sustainable life each and every day, your wedding day should be no exception.

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Help Save Marine Life With Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud offers eco-friendly accessories like reusable metal straws and glass water bottles, organic reef-safe sunscreen, 100% recycled plastic sunglasses, and more. Sand Cloud was founded by Bruno Aschidamini, Steven…

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Smart City Portable E-Bike is Transforming Eco Friendly Travel

THE SMART CITY REVOLUTION WELCOMES THE WORLD’S MOST PORTABLE E-BIKE. Riding the wave of green-tech for inner city travel and pioneering e-bike creator, Smacircle has unveiled a new model to…

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