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    3 Tips To Fight Terrible Mobile Internet Speed With Apps

    3 Tips To Fight Terrible Mobile Internet Speed With Apps

    Although the internet lets you connect with just about anyone or even anything in the world, it does become quite irritating if your connection is constantly slowing down and lagging.

    It’s like driving the highway where you need to reach your destination in 5 minutes or less. You know the highway is the quickest way, but if there’s a traffic jam, then what’s the point?

    To help you get out of the digital Internet jam on your mobile phone, we gathered a couple of useful tips you can use with apps specifically created for testing and fixing your connection. Of course, if you have this problem, you’ll need to get a speed test app. Or simply you can switch to modded apk for android apps. For those who already have one, they can move to our tips but just in case you don’t have an app on your phone, we found a list of current top 10-speed test apps both for Android and iOS you can check:

    Top 10 Apps for Internet Speed Test

    We will let you choose which one you think is the best one for you.

    Step 1: Do a Speed Test

    We don’t have to list all the annoyances of a terrible internet connection since we’re sure that you, just like us, are well accustomed to them already. So the first obvious step is to check what your speed is at the moment and the easiest way to do it is with a speed test app. What not many people know is the apps let you compare different connections like WiFi, 3G or 4G. Also, by gathering data over a week or even better, a month, you can get valuable information on what connection you have is the best so you can easily shift when the going gets tough.

    Additionally, since many of the apps also come with a latency test, it allows you to instantly find out if the problem might be in your location. Maybe the speed is better in your kitchen than in your bedroom and with the app, you can easily get to the bottom of why it is so.

    Last but not least, you can also discover if any software is devouring your Internet in the back, which becomes especially useful for your mobile phone. This way you can get to the source and instantly shut down apps that you’re not using but are jamming your connection.

    Step 2: Fix Errors

    Besides the basic speed check, some apps come with more detailed analysis options. Besides checking out your speed, you can run a complete check of your connectivity, settings and possible errors.

    In case of using a WiFi connection on your phone, it’s possible to pinpoint if it’s your router or phone settings that’s causing the issue. The thing is some problems you can fix on your own, but for more serious stuff you’ll have to contact your provider. By figuring out where the problem is, you can instantly make the best decision and either fix it fast by yourself or if you realize it’s beyond your possibilities, simply contact a professional and not waste time.

    Also,  if you’re really in a hurry, many apps even provide step-by-step guides on how to fix your specific problem. So if you don’t find yourself to be tech-savvy, the guide can get handy in a hairy situation.

    Step 3: Inform Yourself About Internet Specifics

    Last tip or step is to actually learn about how connections work. It might sound boring but trust us, knowing a thing or two can get you a long way and you don’t have to be a professional to make use of some basic knowledge. Finally, don’t worry, there’s no need to pay for some Internet online course.

    Instead, the apps can help you learn with simplistic and user-friendly graphs and charts that can actually be quite fun to observe and analyze. Not only will they tell you if your speed is above or below the average in your area, but more importantly, it will let you know if the provider you’re using is actually worth your precious money.

    By analyzing your surrounding you can easily compare different providers and find out which one has the best internet quality for your area. This allows you to make a snappy decision on if you should stick to the current one or switch to a better alternative.


    We hope our tips and steps will help you finally get the internet speed you deserve both on your phone and your home connection. Most of the time, fixing your speed is all about knowing where to look and speed test apps can help with exactly that. 

    If the speed apps didn’t make a noticeable change then it may be the time to change your phone plan, check out the best unlimited data plans and get more value for your money.

    If you know some great hacks to easily fix your connection, feel free to share with us and our readers so we can help each other surf the internet without having to worry about digital traffic jams. Thank you for reading.

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