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    5 Crazy Video Game Concepts Brought To Life From Real Patents

    5 Crazy Video Game Concepts Brought To Life From Real Patents

    Since the first console came to market, there’s been a flurry of bizarre consoles, designs and accessories created with the intention of elevating our gaming experiences.

    Some have worked, but it’s been game over for many.

    In light of this, the gaming experts at dove into the archives to identify 5 of the most interesting ideas for game-related inventions they could find and brought them to life in a new series of digital renders. This is a tribute to gaming designers out there.

    Patents include:

    • Inflatable Vehicle Simulator by Leo Markowitz – 2012 (US20120270663A1)
    • Adaptable Game Controller by Paul Chen – 2005 (US20050255916A1)
    • Exercise and Video Game Chair by Benjamin Karl Broderick – 2009 (US20110086747A1)
    • Attachable Controller for Portable Devices by Brandon Workman – 2011 (US20110260969A1)
    • Screen Divider by Timothy M. Coffey – 1994 (US5435557A)

    Sound interesting? Check out the renderings HERE.


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