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    Are Cashiers Being Replaced By Self-Ordering Technology?

    Are Cashiers Being Replaced By Self-Ordering Technology?

    Recently, self-ordering technology was featured in Forbes as, “an essential part of the shopping experience,” proven to help restaurants adapt to the changing labor landscape.

    At GRUBBRR, their core belief is that the cashier is obsolete. They want to be a resource to you in furthering the discussion about ways that businesses can adapt to the ongoing labor shortage and wage gaps.

    Sam Zietz, the CEO, discusses why GRUBBRR believes the cashier is obsolete, as well as how the exponential expansion of self-ordering technology is changing the way commerce is transacted.

    Self-ordering technology is proven to increase revenue, decrease operating costs, and improve the customer experience. The future is here, and GRUBBRR wants you to be a part of it.

    In addition to being CEO of GRUBBRR, Sam was the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Regional Award Winner in 2015 and has appeared on the South Florida Business Journal’s list of “Power Leaders” for the last six years.

    View the full article here: Will Self-Service Kiosks Make Cashiers Obsolete? 

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