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    Questions To Consider Before Using AI-Generated Professional Headshots

    Questions To Consider Before Using AI-Generated Professional Headshots

    There is a current trend where AI can generate realistic versions of your professional headshot.

    The process is to provide AI with about seven to forty photos of yourself on an app on your mobile device, select an industry style, and then wait for AI to create the desired look you are searching for based on uploads and industry requests.

    While this offer might seem tempting, it’s important to investigate how this seemingly easy alternative to professional headshots compares to the real deal. If you’re considering AI as an alternative to professional headshots, you should ask yourself the following questions:

    • Will my prospective employer notice that these are AI-generated?
    • If my prospective employer notices that these photos are AI-generated, will this impact my potential of working there?
    • Will my clients look down on my use of AI-generated headshots?
    • Is it a bad idea to use AI for my professional headshots?
    • Will my portfolio or profile depreciate in value because I used AI?
    • Would using a professional studio be of more benefit to me?
    • Are the photos I provide to AI representative of my natural appearance, or are there filters, unnatural lighting, or anything else that would hide my true form?

    While AI might be the talk of the future, there is much debate on its efficiency and realism, especially considering its lack of a real human touch. This in itself leads to a sense of unprofessionalism.

    When we think about it, high-end professional profiles use high-end professional products. Although AI-generated photos might produce a sense of professionalism to the untrained eye, folks with more discernment could potentially dismiss you due to your use of AI-generated images as a part of your personal branding. What are the downsides of AI-generated headshots? Here are just a few.

    • You could bring a sense of dishonesty to your employer or clients, especially if the photographs you present to AI are filtered or unnatural in some form.
    • Your appearance in AI could come off as more cartoonish than you think. Although it’s tempting to use a more attractive photo of ourselves where all imperfections are blurred, there still needs to be a sense of authenticity in your photographs to convey who you are as an employee or a professional whom others can trust.
    • To someone who knows the difference between AI-generated images and non-AI photography, it might appear that you do not have the funds to afford professional headshots in New York City or any other state, for that matter. In severe cases, this can lead your future employer or clients to question your reputation. AI-generated professional headshots cost about $29 for a quantity of 150-300. While this seems like a great price, it could come at the risk of downsizing your opportunities for growth because you took an easier and more affordable route. Additionally, these are offered to you in such a bulk amount because, more often than not, only 1-2 of these images will stand out to you as looking high-quality or professional.

    There is no exact answer on whether or not you should dismiss the idea of AI-generated images or not. However, as the old saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, then it is” would be applicable to this topic. In most cases, you’ll want to stick to the professionals because they know better than an AI-generated system.

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