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    Is Apple’s Top Secret VR Headset About To Revolutionize The Technology?

    Is Apple’s Top Secret VR Headset About To Revolutionize The Technology?

    Apple’s forays into the world of virtual reality have been shrouded in secrecy, but the world-beating tech company is working on a headset that could be about to change the game, according to MacRumours.

    Up to now, VR has failed to go mainstream for numerous reasons, with the expense and lack of comfort associated with today’s current devices being the major drawbacks. In the same way that Apple managed to revolutionize mobile with the iPhone, it could be about to do the same thing with VR.

    Apple Could Fix All the Issues that are Holding VR Back

    Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest with the development of its VR headset. The company hasn’t revealed much about the project, but analysts have been able to deduce that it is working on VR because of the numerous patents it has applied for. Because there has been no official announcement or reveal yet, it would be reasonable to expect that it won’t be released until at least 2023. When it does hit shelves, though, it could have a seismic impact on the VR industry.

    The Apple VR project is drawing similarities to when Apple spent years working on the iPhone in the shadows. When it finally hit the market in 2007 it was a gamechanger, and other companies like Blackberry were blown away. They weren’t ready for this technology, and Apple’s rivals spent years scrambling to catch up. Many people are anticipating a similar scenario with Apple’s VR headset, as there are clearly numerous aspects of the current offerings that need drastic improvements.

    One of the chief complaints about today’s VR options is that they are clunky and uncomfortable, and users can’t imagine themselves wearing them for hours on end. But the whole idea of VR is to get lost and immersed, and almost live in another world. Therefore, making the devices feel as though they aren’t even there should be at the top of developers’ agendas. Apple will also improve the integration of the technology with other devices, which is something that is affecting the user experience on today’s headsets. Users need to be able to seamlessly connect with their other pieces of hardware. This is something that is always possible with Apple products, as noted by The Fox Magazine.

    Applications for VR are Endless

    When the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive became the first-ever VR headsets to hit the market in 2016, many experts predicted a boom for the technology. This was because they could see its potential and envisaged the way that it would one day be used for everything from business to entertainment. This is still the case, and many people now find it hard to imagine a future in which VR isn’t a major platform. Still, as we noted in The Fox Magazine, some people still think it’s a fad because of its slow uptake. It appears that the time wasn’t right back in 2016, and it was quickly apparent that futurists were getting ahead of themselves.

    The applications that got people excited about VR in the first place are still coming, but they are gradually creeping in over time. There are already some exciting experiences that VR users can enjoy, but these are not quite as refined as they will be in the future. Indeed, the basic VR offerings now can’t compete with other popular technology like the current generation of gaming consoles. An example of this is that players have the option of putting on a VR headset and playing games like Batman: Arkham VR. They can get a novel experience from this, but most gamers would still say that Batman: Arkham Knight from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on consoles provides a more immersive experience thanks to its far superior graphics and gameplay. This is normal in the industry, though, and the early console games had to start off basic to pave way for future developments that led to the games of today.

    The same can be said for live streaming. VR users can put on their headsets and watch live shows like the Imagine Dragons concert we wrote about. They could also go on virtual tours of famous landmarks. However, at the moment, they’d get a much clearer picture through a live stream on their smartphone or computer.

    In the entertainment industry, game developers have experimented with VR. Half Life: Alyx, released in 2020, is one of the best offerings available and is a prime example of what could come. However, it can’t currently compete with the live streaming capability of table games found at online casino Betway. The comprehensive live section of the site includes more than 90 titles and is one of the main draws for users. It would take a massive leap forward in VR technology to usurp live streaming in the current climate.

    Will Apple Create its Own Metaverse?

    Mark Zuckerberg’s newly rebranded Meta is attempting to claim a monopoly on the concept of a VR metaverse, but it’s unlikely that Apple will sit idly by and fail to come up with its own concept. This could be the next big race in the technology world, and Apple could be poised to take pole position if it announces its own metaverse alongside the release of its VR headset.

    It could help sell the technology and would be backed by the integration of the company’s other services such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s shares have already risen after the announcement of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, highlighting how investors believe the company will have a huge part to play in this world.

    Apple has a history of shaking things up whenever new technology comes along, and its impact on the smartphone industry was incredible. If it can achieve the same effect with its VR offering, the technology may finally become mainstream.

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