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    4 Reasons Why Building A PC Is Better Than Buying One

    4 Reasons Why Building A PC Is Better Than Buying One

    A computer is an essential device to have at home these days for various reasons.

    It can be used for studies, work, gaming, entertainment, or any other purpose. If you are considering buying a prebuilt desktop computer, you might want to consider building one instead. It may sound like a complicated task, but it is easy once you get started.

    Also, there are several reasons why building a PC is an excellent alternative to buying a ready-made one. Read on as we share four good reasons why building a PC is better than buying one.

    Cost Savings

    Perhaps the best reason for building a PC is because it costs less than buying a prebuilt one. If you are to compare the price of a high-end PC from a well-known brand with the total price of all the computer parts with the same specifications, the latter price is much lower. If you seek a professional opinion from a PC builder in Henderson, NV, Buffalo, NY, or any location, you will most likely be advised to build a PC than buy a set. Computer brands do not matter much for most users. What they are after is performance. If by building a PC they can get the same performance as a high-end brand-name PC at a lower price, they would be happy to do so.

    Freedom of Customization

    One of the good things about building your PC is that you can proudly declare it as your creation, and not by some company. A pre-made PC will have a standard look and will have limited variations in color, package, etc. A self-built PC can give you a better sense of ownership by making the PC’s overall appearance an extension of your personality and style. For example, if you have a minimalist preference, you can choose your PC tower to have a compact case and with basic components. If you are an avid gamer, you can select a game-themed design for your PC.

    Easy Upgrades

    Whether you are an avid gamer, a web designer, a video editor, a graphics designer, or a home-based professional, you will eventually need more out of your PC. Buying a prebuilt PC can be complicated because you most likely have no idea of the computer parts and specifications. Even if you do, you will also have limited upgrade options based on the parts of your PC brand.

    However, with a self-built PC, upgrades are much easier because you are the one putting together the parts of your PC. Thus you can determine which parts you want to replace and upgrade based on your changing needs and preferences.

    Better Warranty Options

    Adding to the cost-savings benefit is the better warranty option offered by building your PC. Prebuilt PCs come with a warranty that lasts a year or two and covers the entire computer system. It means that if any individual part gets damaged or malfunctions, you’ll need to send your whole computer system for repairs. When that happens, you are left without a PC for the duration of the repair. With a self-built PC, you are buying individual parts or components, and each part has its warranty period. Also, each piece can have a longer warranty period than a prebuilt PC. If any component breaks or malfunctions, repairs and replacements are easier and faster for individual parts under warranty, and you will not be left hanging for a long time.

    We still have a lot more reasons to share about the advantage of building a PC, but these four should enough to convince you. Savings, convenience, performance, and warranty are the top priorities of any consumer, and computer users are no exception. With a self-built PC, you get to pick the parts you want, the performance you need, and the savings you love. All in all, building your PC is a fulfilling experience.

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