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    Leading Digital Innovation Expert Silvina Moschini Poised To Help Women-Led Businesses Thrive Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

    Leading Digital Innovation Expert Silvina Moschini Poised To Help Women-Led Businesses Thrive Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

    Unlike anything we have all seen in our lifetime, life as we know it has come to a screeching halt. Schools have closed, all events canceled, lockdowns and restrictions.

    Plus, businesses are stumbling. Whether or not businesses will be able to weather this storm largely depends on how well they can transition to a remote workforce.

    Millions of people are being told to work from home, and one woman, co-founder of TransparentBusiness, is on a mission to help women-lead businesses make a smooth transition and thrive during this time.

    “Work is something you do, it’s not somewhere you go,” explains Silvina Moschini, co-founder of TransparentBusiness, digital innovation expert, international speaker, and entrepreneur. “Right now we are being forced to change the way we work, but that doesn’t mean businesses have to suffer. Productivity can be just as high and businesses can thrive. Working remotely will save many businesses during this time.”

    Moschini is offering unlimited and free access to the TransparentBusiness remote working and management platform while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place to women-led companies. They will also help the companies to deploy work-from-home programs. By offering free service and support, people will be able to make a smooth transition to allowing their employees to work from home.

    The TransparentBusiness software is an emergency preparedness and pandemic response tool. The software helps companies allow their staff to work from home, and yet still be productive, and have accountability.  Companies that use this recession-resilient software will find that it helps them boost productivity and transparency, offers cost-cutting solutions, and provides a real solution to transition people to remote working.

    “Women need to support women during this critical time,” added Moschini. “I want to help as many female-led businesses as I can. Not only will I help people transition their team to using the software, but I can answer all the questions people have on how to make that transition a major success.”

    While many businesses are scrambling to allow their employees to work from home due to the COVID-19 restrictions, working remotely is seen as the future of business. Increasingly, more businesses are turning to allow their employees to work at least part of the time remotely. This move helps to provide more convenience, recruit and retain better talent, reduce overall company costs, and improve productivity and team morale.

    Moschini is a digital innovation expert, international speaker, and award-winning serial entrepreneur. She also serves as a mentor to young female entrepreneurs around the world. She has won awards for her leadership skills and global initiatives. Moschini is one of the most foremost experts on the digital economy and is a leader in transforming the global workforce. She is also the founder of an ecosystem of companies that are harnessing the cloud to connect businesses.

    Working remotely allows more flexibility, as well as protecting people from unnecessary distractions in the workplace. While many companies are aware of some of the benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely, they are hesitant to allow it because they feel there is no accountability. That’s where TransparentBusiness comes in, providing the solution to that problem by making remote work easy to monitor and coordinate.

    About TransparentBusiness

    Designated by Citigroup as the Top People Management Solution, TransparentBusiness offers full transparency and real-time coordination, boosts productivity, and eliminates overbilling.

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