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    A Community Of Collection: New App Provides A Social Marketplace For Collectors

    A Community Of Collection: New App Provides A Social Marketplace For Collectors

    For collectors, creators, and connoisseurs, the 21st century boasts a wealth of resources to guide you on your journey of art discovery. To aid you in your quest, there’s a new app with the collector in mind.

    Gemr combines e-commerce and social networking to provide an exclusive community which offers a niche way for collectors to display, discover, discuss, buy and sell unique and often one-of-a-kind items.

    Whether its vintage books or action figures, Gemr is for anyone looking to buy from, sell to or connect with a like-minded community.

    Gemr also hosts curated clubs, allowing fellow enthusiasts to meet together online and exchange items and ideas they’re passionate about. The site currently hosts collector’s clubs for a vast range of items, from antique jewelry and fine art to Hello Kitty and Doctor Who, collectors can use the site to create communities for anything they’d like to buy or sell. It’s a community hub for members to engage with one another, sharing articles, updates and events.

    Designed “by collectors for collectors,” Gemr sought to address key pain points collectors have dealt with:

    • Fragmentation around the social experience of collecting on other sites
    • Frustration with the high fees of e-commerce sites like eBay and Etsy
    • Failure from other sites to address the specific needs of collectors

    The site is a perfect aid to fuel your art addiction. You’re able to create custom communities and curate content around your interests and collections.

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    • Emma
      March 14, 2023

      The Internet gives us great opportunities, it’s great that now you can find anything online, regardless of your tastes and needs. Marketplaces like this help me find everything I need in one place

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