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    The Future Of Business Advertising

    The Future Of Business Advertising

    We can’t always predict what is ahead, but one way to future-proof your business is by looking at current trends.

    Technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate in the last ten years thanks to the introduction of the smartphone, and things seem to only be getting more complicated.

    These advancements have been great, but they can make deciding how to market your business tricky. You never know what is coming around the corner, but we can analyze current trends to find out the best way to advertise your business in the near future.

    The Re-Invention Of the Video Advert

    When talking about advertising, a majority of the population will think of T.V ads. These short-form videos are played at key points during a live broadcast to quickly demonstrate what a business does. These have proven very effective in the past but that is likely to change very soon.

    The viewing numbers for terrestrially aired programs are dropping substantially due to the introduction of other services. Catch-Up T.V and streaming platforms are becoming the normal way to consume media, which means that businesses need to change their tactics. Instead of placing ads on broadcast television, it is wise to look at what types of adverts are appearing on these types of platforms. The specific platform you advertise on today might not exist in a few years; however, the advertising methods introduced via these new services will.

    In other words, do your research on how video advertising is done on new platforms and adapt.

    Social Media Advertising

    The general public isn’t abandoning T.V networks solely because of streaming services. The introduction of smartphones into society has greatly increased the usage of social media apps and services. People can use these platforms to instantly communicate with one another, and the frequency of social interaction can prove to be a preferred pastime for many.

    As such, you should take a look at all the different social media platforms and how their marketing is presented. Some of these will include small vignettes, others can only support pop-up ads. Either way, it is likely that even more social media services will be available in the future. Therefore, you should look to these services as a way to track current marketing trends and how they evolve

    Social media is the future of advertising so it is wise to get in on the game now before it is too late.

    Using Search Engine Optimisation

    This method may appear complicated to the older generation, but search engine optimization, or SEO, is the latest innovation in marketing.

    SEO is a tool that pushes more internet traffic your way by increasing your company’s status in Google searches. By using keywords and hotly searched topics on your website, you can increase the likelihood of your name appearing on a Google search. For example, if you are trying to appeal to someone who is searching for a company that offers field painting services, you need to identify all of the keywords related to this, and use them to your advantage.

    You need to be clever to use this marketing tool effectively and keep an eye on current trends, but more eyes on your website can only be a good thing for business. You can get extra clever by implementing specific links to the information you want people to see the most. Right now, good SEO is responsible for the rapid growth of many businesses and it is hard to picture a future without it.

    Behaviour Targeted Marketing

    Behavioral marketing follows along the same lines as SEO but is more specific. This marketing method analyses the search patterns, purchase history, and website history of the general public to discern the most popular trends and stats. Your business can then use this information to find the best place to advertise your business.

    As social media sites rise and fall, you can use this data to learn where your customer base is spending most of their time and put an ad there. If a site starts to flounder, you can remove your advert and put it somewhere more popular before the ship sinks, avoiding any association with a failing business.

    The behavior targeting model is extremely useful now but is only going to grow in power the more that people use the internet. As expected, current predictions state that the number of people surfing the web is only going to increase in the coming years.

    Get Creative

    The future of marketing isn’t only based on what other companies are doing now. There is still a chance for you to get creative and think of your own strategies. The internet covers a wide space and will be used on a daily basis in ways we have yet to think about. It isn’t an easy task, but watching out for new trends and technology is a good way to stay ahead of the curve. All good marketing strategies started somewhere, and you could be the first to get your foot in the door next time.

    This creativity can also extend to how you plan for the future. Some skills are becoming outdated, but they are always replaced by new needs. Take for example graphic design. In the past, you would have to hire an artist to design a poster and a marketing team to send this work out to the public in an effective way. Now, graphic designers are used to create the most effective marketing strategies, using their skills and knowledge to dominate the digital space.

    Therefore, you never know what you may need in the future, so keep an eye on the trends of the market to find out how best to hire and train your staff. You can’t future-proof every aspect of your business, but you can prepare for it.


    The future of business still looks bright, but it can be easy to feel as if you are getting left behind. Every business leader makes a name for themselves by adapting to change successfully, so look ahead to see what is on the horizon. That way you can best plan for the investable technological changes that will occur.

    Marketing has changed so much already in the last few years, but the digital age isn’t over yet. Take the advice above to make sure that your business is prepared for the future.


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