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    Wonders of Tech with Plastic Surgery

    Wonders of Tech with Plastic Surgery

    Technology like Skype and FaceTime are bringing patients and doctors closer by allowing connections to occur that may not have been possible before they existed.

    Patients who may live in other cities, states or even countries can now speak with and see their doctors from the comfort of their own homes. Now someone in North Dakota can have a consult with a top doctor in plastic surgery capitals like Manhattan.

    One such doctor is Dr. David Cangello, a top NYC Plastic Surgeon who’s also on the New York Super Doctors list. Most recently he had a Rhinoplasty consult via FaceTime with a young woman in Vermont. He’ll be doing the surgery this summer. The benefits of technology for Plastic Surgeons?

    Discussions and examinations that before were limited to the exam room can now occur remotely from the comfort of a patient’s home or office because of the ability to physically see patients while speaking to them. All of this can translate into cost savings for patients who can save travel expenses typically required to seek care in another area

    Face to face interaction and conversation can allow patients to assess a doctors demeanor and bedside manner. Patients who are otherwise healthy and good candidates for surgery can often come to town a day or two before surgery to be examined in person. Assuming there are no surprises the patients proceed with surgery the following day.

    In addition to all that – there’s also the aspect of clients finding doctors on social media. Instagram is a whole other way to advertise your work and to be discovered!

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