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    10 Most Remote Locations Where You Can Still Get Online!

    10 Most Remote Locations Where You Can Still Get Online!

    Experts investigated 10 of the most remote, isolated locations in the world where you can still get online — whether you need to send money across borders, update your social media status, or get some work done.

    With 65% of the world’s population now able to access the internet, perhaps it comes as no surprise that getting online is possible in even some of the most isolated corners of the world — and this article highlights the populations of less than 300 people that can still connect to the rest of the world at the touch of their fingers.

    Jonathan Merry, CEO of, had this to say about the findings:

    “As technology continues to advance in the modern day, it’s fascinating to see the reach the online world now has, even amongst the most remote locations with small populations.

    We’ll be watching closely to see what opportunities these continuing technological advancements provide to those living in these communities and those wishing to travel to more remote destinations, both long and short term.”

    10 Most Remote Locations With Internet Access

    1. Tristan da Cunha
    Population: 264
    Internet Since: 2006

    2. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
    Population: 345
    Internet Since: 2021

    3. Alert, Nunavut, Canada
    Population: Under 200
    Internet Since: N/A (established since 1950)

    4. Svalbard, Norway
    Population: 2,642
    Internet Since: 2003

    5. Palmer Station, Antarctic Peninsula
    Population: 46
    Internet Since: 2002 (via Satellite)

    6. Mount Everest
    Population: 0 | 350,000 yearly visitors
    Internet Since: 2010

    7. Devon Island
    Population: 0
    Internet Since: N/A

    8. Pitcairn Island, South Pacific Ocean
    Population: 50
    Internet Since: 2022

    9. Easter Island, Chile
    Population: 7,750
    Internet Since: 2016

    10. Adak, Alaska
    Population: 171
    Internet Since: 2003

    View the full article which has some more detailed information about each location, their internet access, and what visitors to each location might expect.

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