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    Alaska Airlines: The Choice For Budget Savvy Travelers

    Alaska Airlines: The Choice For Budget Savvy Travelers

    If you want to fly comfortably while on a budget, one of the options available is Alaska Airlines (if they service your route).

    The US airline has five hubs in the US (Seattle, Anchorage, LA, Portland, and San Francisco) and has codeshares with 17 other airlines in order to extend its network.

    So, what makes Alaska Airlines a better option for travelers on a budget?

    Here are a few of the perks the airline has to offer and some of the features that make it a great choice.

    The Mileage Plan System

    Just like most airlines in the US, Alaska Airlines allows travelers to earn and use miles if they fly frequently with the company. But there are other ways to earn miles to your account. For instance, if you use an Alaska Airlines credit card, you can earn 3 miles for every dollar spent on eligible Alaska Airlines purchases.

    Also, the Mileage Plan system continues to work even if you fly with other companies that are partners with Alaska Airlines. And, there are other ways you could earn miles as well. So, if you’re looking to find a good low-cost offer, it makes sense to work the Mileage Plan system from all angles.

    A Robust Flight Schedule

    Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America in 2017, which allowed it to become the airline with the biggest list of nonstop destinations on the West Coast. Plus, it also has the most West Coast hubs compared to any other carrier. This means that travelers from across the country have access to the airline, even if it’s a less popular destination. Furthermore, you can use a flight tracker for Alaska Airlines to see if the company respects the schedule and makes more accurate plans for when you land. For instance, if you plan on visiting Las Vegas, you can already start looking for the best cheap hotels as soon as you have booked the flight.

    Lastly, due to its extensive network, the company offers flexible rates for specific days of the week. So, if you don’t have a fixed schedule, you can use their low-fare calendar to find when it’s best to travel on a budget.

    Customer Service is Stellar

    You may be inclined to believe that low-cost flying is bundled up with overworked employees who welcome you with a forced smile plastered across their faces. While this happens, it is not the case with Alaska Airlines.

    The employees feel empowered by the airline and can make decisions such as waiving flight change fees or giving WiFi codes for free. So make sure to treat them nicely – you never know when you can get something extra for being nice. Not to mention that the food served on board is actually good (try the cheese plate, you’ll love it!). And the service is amazing as well – the flight attendants are happy to turn meal-serving time into a fun and pleasant experience.

    Overall, flying with Alaska Airlines feels joyful and easy, since you know you’ll be taken care of. Sure, problems may arise, but the staff and anyone involved with the company knows how to treat you like a human being. This is quite impressive considering the rates are affordable even for people on a budget.

    Wrap Up

    In a nutshell, Alaska Airlines has a solid network in the US and for international flights, it offers flexible rates, depending on the day of the month, and has great customer service. Also, you can earn miles through various methods which you can then use to lower the flight fare even more.

    Overall, the company is a great option. So, if you see it on your flight schedule, why not give it a try?

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