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    Surfing, Rock Climbing, Sailing: The Best British Budget Breaks

    Surfing, Rock Climbing, Sailing: The Best British Budget Breaks

    Research finds whether you’re better off staying in the UK for your adventure holidays or if going abroad really is the top option: the UK is the better option for six out of eleven-holiday plans

    When planning out an adventure holiday – whether that’s surfing or caving, skiing or scuba diving – the default plan is often somewhere far-flung, with hot seas or snowy peaks, isn’t it?

    Photo by Zheni Yaneva

    But new research from Get Going Travel Insurance finds whether you can do better by keeping to Britain for your trip – using a scientific points-based system to measure every option against ideal conditions unique to each activity, like wave height and wind speed for surfing, or rain quantity for caving, as well as factoring in the cost of travel, accommodation and the activity itself.

    Even if you take cost out of the picture, UK locations are frequently great destinations for holidayers, and a staycation can be just as fun if not more so than heading halfway around the world!


    Fistral Beach in Cornwall, England vs The Pass in Byron Bay, Australia

    Australia may have a stronger surfing culture, but the UK actually takes the lead. Both locations meet the ideal conditions for wave size and wind speed, and while Australia is warmer, the approximate £700 saved on travel puts the UK over the top.

    Photo by Thomas Tucker


    Cheddar Gorge in Bristol, England vs Škocjan Cave in Divača, Slovenia

    Despite the money saved in staying in the UK, the lower quantities of rain at peak times of the year mean it’s a more comfortable and safer choice to go to Slovenia for your caving adventures.

    Whale Watching

    Shetlands in Scotland vs Husavik in Iceland

    You don’t have to travel far to see whales! While they’re not guaranteed wherever you go, you can still get a chance to spot some off the coast of Scotland – and it turns out that with slightly warmer weather and lower costs, Scotland is actually the best option available, despite having stronger winds than the Icelandic option.

    Photo by Oliver Schwendener


    Glenshee in Perth and Kinross, Scotland vs Chamonix on Mont Blanc in France

    Despite neither location fitting perfectly into the ideal temperature range of -6°C to 1°C, the wider range of runs and greater lift capacity in the Alps outweighs Scotland’s heavier snowfall and lower costs to make France the overall better option.

    Scuba Diving

    Lundy Island in Devon, England vs Bonaire in the Caribbean

    Scuba diving needs warm and clear waters for divers to make the most of it – but while the Caribbean is certainly hotter, the visibility in Devon waters is remarkably high, and with the money saved not taking a long flight, you can spend longer in the water – the UK offers the top option.

    James Carrington, a spokesperson from Get Going Travel Insurance, says, “It’s not just that everyone can get great deals by thinking about adventuring in the UK. For anyone who finds air travel difficult, inconvenient, or even impossible, it’s great to know that they don’t have to miss out on adventures typically seen as overseas options only.”

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