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    Bruce Nauman At Museo Picasso Málaga, Spain

    Bruce Nauman At Museo Picasso Málaga, Spain

    Museo Picasso Málaga presents Bruce Nauman. Rooms, Bodies, Words, an exhibition on a multimedia artist whose innovative work centers on his understanding of art as an activity or process, rather than as the production of objects 18th June – 1st September.

    This is his first major exhibition in Spain for 25 years. With its abundant references to music, dance, literature, and philosophy.

    Bruce Nauman’s work generates in viewers the kind of responses that are associated with provocation, conflict, tension, disorientation, and anxiety, via a relentless repetition of language and form.

    Bruce Nauman. Rooms, Bodies, Words brings together almost one hundred works that highlight the range of mediums with which this U.S. artist works: from architectural structures, sculptures, installations, and neon lights, to videos, drawings, silk-screening, and photography, amongst others.


    Jointly curated by Prof. Eugen Blume, from Germany, and the artistic director of Museo Picasso Málaga, José Lebrero Stals, this exhibition has benefitted from advice and support from the principal galleries that have represented the artist: Sperone Westwater Gallery, New York, and Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf. It highlights the artist’s links with Europe in a project that contains pieces held mainly in European private and public collections.

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