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    7 Handy Tips On How To Survive In The Wilderness Alone

    7 Handy Tips On How To Survive In The Wilderness Alone

    There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in the middle of the wilderness without knowing how to survive.

    Most of the time, we take for granted simple chores such as lighting a fire or having clean water to drink.

    In the wilderness, you won’t have the privilege of a matchbox or a shop; therefore, it’s essential to learn handy tips that will enable you to survive. You never know, you might lose the direction, or your car might break down in the middle of a wilderness, and being equipped with the right tips and tricks might enable you to survive a few days in the wilderness.

    Here are seven survival tips that will enable you to survive in the wilderness.

    Analyze All Possible Outcomes Before You Start Walking

    You need to ensure your safety when you are in the wilderness; therefore, carry a first aid kit, a navigation system, enough food, and water. Also, share your route and destination with family and friends and when they should expect you back. Make some personal locator beacons that will provide direction in case you get lost. Also, ensure that you follow the map, planned route, and walking trails when you are in the wilderness.

    Carry Important Tools or Weapons

    Take an inventory of all the tools you have, and it’s always advisable to carry a hatchet when traveling to unknown destinations; with a hatchet, you can make a fire that you will use for cooking, and it will keep you warm throughout the night. You can use a hatchet for making arrows and spears which you can use for protection. Besides, it would be ideal to have other cutting tools such as a pocket knife, push dagger knives, or combat knives. The survival experts of would advise reviewing some of the best knives before you depart on a journey.

    Other tools such as an arrow launcher, a compass, wrench, a hammer, a skinner, and an ax might also come in handy when you are in the wilderness; therefore, ensure that you have all the tools before setting off for the wilderness.

    Solve the Water Situation

    Survival experts won’t last more than days without water; therefore, ensure that you have enough water or look for water sources when you are stranded in the wilderness. If you spot a water stream, ensure that you treat or warm the water before taking it. As such, it’s always advisable to carry purifying tablets with you or water filters when traveling to the wilderness.

    Make a Shelter

    You will have to be creative when you are out in the wilderness. There are several types of shelters that you can make, but you should beware that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Your shelter should have an overhead covering that offers warmth and protects you from animals and other night hazards. You can use leaves and limbs that will provide insulation, and for your bedding, you can set up pine needles around a thick patch of grass.

    Learn How to Start a Fire

    You will need fire to protect yourself from the wild animals and insects, and it also serves as a source of light and heat during the night. You can also use smoke as a rescue signal; therefore, you will have to learn how to start a fire without a matchbox. Having a matchbox can be a bonus, but firewood might be wet in the wilderness, or it might be too windy, rendering your matchbox useless. If you have a hatchet, try striking it against the quartzite to create sparks. Besides, it would help if you learned how to make a campfire that suits your different needs.

    Remain Nourished

    Once you have learned how to start a fire, you need to think of meals to keep you nourished. You will need sources of food, therefore, try and familiarize yourself with roots, berries, and plants that have grown in the wilderness. Ensure that you use all sources of nutrients surrounding you, such as insects, leaves, or bird eggs. Try and make traps that will help you catch fish, birds, and insects.

    Remain Calm

    When you are lost in the wilderness, it would be natural to panic, but experts would advise against such a reaction. Keep your mind engaged in other thoughts, and keep your hopes alive. Try and investigate the surrounding area and remain calm. Remember the happy moments you had back at home and tell yourself funny stories to keep up your moods.

    Even the most experienced travelers get stranded in the wilderness, and at that moment, it would be best to use all resources surrounding you. Unfortunately, you got lost, but you need to get over your circumstances and take steps to ensure your survival. These tips will help you maneuver any wilderness, but above all, keep your hopes alive during such trying moments.

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