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    Fitness on Vacation

    Fitness on Vacation

    Is Fitness Key to Happier, Healthier Vacations?

    Survey shows timeshare owners enjoy exercise while on vacation.

    A recent survey from the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and conducted by research group Leger, found that more than half (54%) of Americans enjoy fitness activities while on vacation, and timeshare owners are leading this group with nine out of 10 stating they perform fitness activities on vacation.

    “Timeshare owners drive this preference because they know that they have more opportunities to take part in fitness activities while on vacation, owners know that exercising while on vacation allows you to relax much deeper, which makes for an overall better vacation experience. Whether you want to enjoy exclusive local fitness and recreational activities, or prepare healthier meals in the in-unit kitchen, timeshare owners have these options.” said Peter Roth, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Industry Relations at ARDA.

    Respondents didn’t just perform these activities once, 52 percent stated that they enjoy partaking in fitness activities at least once every three days of their vacation. Timeshare provides longer vacation stays, allowing for more opportunities to take in a variety of new, or different fitness and recreational activities. Many timeshare resorts provide group fitness activities and some offer excursions to new places and adventures that tend to be off the “beaten” tourist path. Check out this blog post for how to stay fit on vacation.

    Timeshare owners also have plenty of extra living spaces in their unit to fit in that quick, convenient exercise routine. The average timeshare unit in the U.S. is 1,050 square feet and most units have multiple rooms, allowing vacationers to exercise without disturbing their travel companions.

    For more details, see the infographic on how timeshare provides more opportunities for vacationers to enjoy fitness activities and ultimately have happier, healthier vacations. To learn more about timeshares and why timeshare vacations make for better vacations, visit You can also refer to a reliable professional or read some reviews on how to cancel a timeshare agreement if you can no longer manage to pay for the maintenance fees or wondering how much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

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    Fitness on Vacation…

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