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    How To Transform Yourself From A Tourist To Traveler With New Skills

    How To Transform Yourself From A Tourist To Traveler With New Skills

    As the great Alan Watts once said, all enjoyment in life comes from skill, from the most complex matters to the simplest.

    His insights apply to travel just as much as anything else. People who have the right skills can enjoy the experience far more than their compatriots.

    Remember, traveling is more than just visiting new places and taking pictures. It’s an opportunity to learn about cultures and challenge yourself. It also requires you to do lots of things, which you wouldn’t normally do in your regular life.

    But how do you go from being a tourist to a traveler? How can you stop being someone that other people look after abroad to being an independent individual, no matter where you go in the world? Here’s what to do:

    Learn How To Use A Boat

    Once you learn to sail, the world suddenly opens up to you. You can travel pretty much anywhere (particularly in coastal waters) and call into land when you want. Then, you can enjoy the sea – a true wilderness in the modern world – when you’ve had enough.

    The great thing about boating is that it is a rewarding experience. It’s something people want to do because it helps them feel engaged in life.

    Try Some New Activities

    Traveling is also a great time to try new things and discover new hobbies. There’s so much to do, from dancing to cooking. Try to join tours, workshops, classes, or clubs that offer these activities, or find local guides or instructors who can teach you. Also, check out various online platforms to see if there are any unique experiences you could enjoy with local people.


    Another way to transform yourself from a tourist to a traveler is to volunteer for a cause in a far-off land. These help you connect with the local community, make a positive impact, and learn new skills along the way. For instance, think about the skills you could acquire by building a school in Uganda or helping animals on a safari park.

    Multiple websites can connect you with these opportunities, including Workaway, Worldpackers, or Go Overseas. You can also try contacting local organizations directly.

    Be More Curious

    The most important thing to transform yourself from a tourist to a traveler is to be curious and open-minded about the places you visit and the people you meet. It’s not all going to be like home. Make sure you ask questions, listen to stories, and try new foods. Explore local life to the full, including customs and traditions. Be prepared psychologically to challenge your own assumptions and beliefs. It’s a chance to learn from others and from yourself, so don’t waste it by sticking to your comfort zone.

    Ultimately, these tips will help you transform yourself from a tourist to a traveler with new skills that will enrich your life. They’ll also help you make the psychological shift from a person who just “visits” places, to a traveler or adventurer who really experiences them. Get started today!

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