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    Tokyo Never Sleeps

    Tokyo Never Sleeps

    Well, where to begin..

    Tokyo is a booming city that has literally earned the title of the “Most Populous Metropolitan Area in the World”. Within the streets, you see almost as many bicycles as pedestrians but notice one thing lacking, a use of locks. The sense of trust and friendliness is expanded to the pedestrians when visiting the city as well. Treat their streets with respect and their patrons will do the same in return.

    Japan has adopted a strongly cultural mindset of proper trash disposal and as a result, have immaculately clean public locations. Cleanliness and hygiene stretch further than just in public places, the removal of shoes and use of private hot springs is also highly adopted through this respected cultural mindset.

    Shopping and exploration can be rather interesting due to the restraint of leveled square footage on the island country of Japan. The number of people and lack of excess space make it rather difficult to expand outward, so as a result, many shopping complexes with multiple shops are extended upwards. These major shopping districts create much shopping, traveling and working patrons and because of this, Tokyo’s centralized train station is known as the busiest in the world, serving over 3 million people a day. The night crowd of Tokyo is no different.

    Taking a page from the book of New York as, “the city that never sleeps”, late night drinks and partying can be fairly noticeable at the countless Karaoke singing bars as well as the late night snacks that come from Tokyo’s plethora of vending machines. One of the many random fun facts we know is that Japan has the highest amount of vending machines in the world. In all of Japan, there are over 5 million vending machines. These intricate machines have been widely known as the most diverse, containing things from fruits to ramen noodles.

    Just know that wherever you may go in this city and country that locals practice their cultural mindset with ‘omotenashi’ in mind. This mindset is portrayed throughout everyday life whether it be by taxi, shopkeeper or tour guide.  Just remember that when traveling to Tokyo, treat others as you would like to be treated and your experience will be beyond compare!

    If you’ve never been to Tokyo, we strongly recommend taking a cycling tour. These can go for up to 15 miles but have a lot of stops. It’s a great way to see parts of the city that you’d otherwise just drive by.

    One of the Number 1 rated things to see in Tokyo is the Tsukiji Market. This is one of the largest fish markets in the world, handling more than 2,000 tons of fish daily. Talk about a LOT of fish! Even if you’re no sushi fan, seeing all the fish and people is sure to “wow” you.

    If you’re planning to eat at the famous Robot Restaurant or see the Shibuya Crossing – or maybe you want to stay at a capsule hotel – Tokyo is sure to give you an experience like no other.

    And don’t worry about the language barrier! Even though many people do not speak English, there are many signs translated in English almost everywhere you look!


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    Tokyo Never Sleeps

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