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    Travel Apps Are Thriving In Australia

    Travel Apps Are Thriving In Australia

    42matters recently analyzed the four best performing travel apps in Australia:, Qantas, Airbnb, and Virgin Australia.

    In essence, they noticed that, despite measures limiting travel in Australia, downloads for travel apps have been surprisingly strong throughout the COVID era.

    Australia’s top performing travel apps over the last 30 days… Hotels and more by Hotels & Vacation Rentals: 30-day iOS / Android Downloads in Australia: 458,724

    Qantas Airways by Qantas Airways Limited: 30-day iOS / Android Downloads in Australia: 151,458

    Airbnb by Airbnb: 30-day iOS / Android Downloads in Australia: 118,411

    Virgin Australia by Virgin Australia Holdings Pty Limited: 30-day iOS / Android Downloads in Australia: 100,276

    iOS downloads have been particularly strong…

    Above you’ll find daily Australian downloads for the iOS versions of (blue), Qantas Airways (red), Airbnb (orange), and Virgin Australia (green). In particular, these are downloads from the period between January 1 and July 11, 2022.

    In total, Australians have downloaded these apps 3,008,197 times since the beginning of 2022.

    • has 1,552,695 downloads.
    • Airbnb has 656,652 downloads.
    • Qantas Airways has 449,011 downloads.
    • Virgin Australia has 349,839 downloads.

    Android downloads lag iOS downloads, but are still solid…

    Once again, the chart above depicts daily Australian downloads for the Android versions of (blue), Qantas Airways (red), Airbnb (orange), and Virgin Australia (green). It shows downloads from the period between January 1st and July 11th, 2022.

    In total, these apps have been downloaded 1,459,149 times in Australia thus far in 2022.

    • has 1,002,277 downloads.
    • Airbnb has 195,694 downloads.
    • Qantas Airways has 152,590 downloads.
    • Virgin Australia has 108,588 downloads.

    In any event, it seems like there’s a good deal of pent-up demand for travel and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on these apps as Australia’s travel and tourism industry continues to recover.

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