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    Travel Tips With Emilia Taneva

    Travel Tips With Emilia Taneva

    Some travelers are even planning their holiday trips for December!

    Travel smart with these useful tips from well-known travel influencer Emilia Taneva.

    Book 2 Round-trip Flight Tickets Instead Of 1 Multi-city Ticket

    If you are traveling in high season to several very popular destinations, you should always compare the price of 2 round-trip airline tickets with the price of 1 multi-city ticket. When you are booking the round-trip flights, you can choose the inbound flight on the exact date you need and the return flight on a later off-season date. Many times, the total price of 2 round-trip flight tickets end up cheaper than the price of a 1 multi-city ticket. If you are not planning to use the later off-season ticket, this practice might end up against the airline company policy so you might want to be careful.

    Download Google Maps Prior To Your Trip And Use Them Offline

    The Google Map app on your phone might turn out to be very useful even if you don’t have a cellular network, international data plan or WiFi. You can download several custom map areas prior to your trip and use them offline later. It’s a real time saver and alleviates a lot of frustrations when you are not sure which direction to walk or drive. Offline Google Maps are especially helpful in foreign countries or local areas with a very bad network signal or lack of internet connection.

    Use The CheckMyTrip App To Consolidate All Your Travels In One Place

    The CheckMyTrip app keeps all your travel information and trip itineraries in one place: flight numbers, seat assignments, airport gates, check-in times, last-minute changes, hotel reservations, car rentals and more. Just download the app and forward all your confirmation travel emails to

    Interact With Locals

    Talk and interact with locals and always ask for tips, especially in foreign countries. They will often share the best restaurants, attractions, events, and things to do in the area.

    Select The Window and Aisle Seats When Flying With A Companion

    If you have the option to choose your flight seats online, don’t pick middle seats. When flying with a companion, always select an empty row and choose a window and an aisle seat. If the flight is not fully booked, there is a good chance at scoring the entire row to yourselves.

    Emilia Taneva is a Board-Certified Orthodontist, creative photographer, travel blogger, and digital influencer. She is ranked as one of the top influencers in North America, with a focus on travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Taneva was born in the medieval city of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) where civilizations and cultures have collided throughout its history. At a young age, she was captivated by history and tour books and would daydream about seeing the world one day.

    Today, Taneva runs the popular travel blog, Bubbly Moments. The Bubbly Moments is focused on the world’s most luxurious destinations and exclusive places. She has traveled to over 40 countries on five continents and knocked some big adventures off her bucket list along the way. Her all-time favorite destinations include Hawaii, the Maldives, Hong Kong, the French Riviera, and Singapore. When Dr. Taneva is not jet-setting, she is grateful to have the opportunity to help patients achieve a beautiful smile and improve self-esteem through the art and science of Orthodontics. Emilia lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and beagle pup, Max.

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