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    Tools To Inspire: Holes

    Tools To Inspire: Holes

    Ever feel a lack of inspiration when it comes to photography?

    This series of articles will help you discover ways to inspire not only yourself but others through your photographs. It all begins with holes.

    Cut a small hole in the center of a sheet of paper and hold it up to your eye. Now, move it away slowly. As you move the paper, what changes about the things that you see through the hole? What objects are cut out of view?

    Holes take away the complete picture while implying that there is a much bigger picture that we can’t see. They give us a sense about what is on the other side without revealing too much information. They leave us intrigued, captivated, and at times we create for ourselves the rest of the image. The camera is a gateway for imagination. Like a hole, a photograph is only a slice of a pie, or a scene from a movie. The pictures that you take have the opportunity to create a sense of wonder where people stare and unavoidably create the rest of the image in their minds.

    It’s inspiring and engaging because it involves the person viewing the picture – they embrace what they’re seeing and imagine what they’re not. In a way, it transports them to a place that you’ve created, a place existing because of you and your camera. All they see is what you’ve given them. They don’t know anything that might be outside of your frame, but they will imagine it. In a way, sharing your photos is giving people a piece of a world that’s unique to them. While what they see is shared with everyone, what they imagine – the parts they can’t see – is for them and them alone.

    Whether you use a hole to actually frame your picture, or simply remember this idea, the fact remains the same: sometimes showing less is actually much more. This tool, or idea, of holes can in many ways shape the inspiration that comes to not only the people viewing your photographs, but you as you frame the picture you’re about to take.

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