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    Tools To Inspire: Reflections

    Tools To Inspire: Reflections

    Ever feel a lack of inspiration when it comes to photography?

    This article will help you discover ways to inspire not only yourself but others through your photography.

    A powerful tool that you have as a photographer is the use of reflection. A reflection is a mirroring of an image. It’s a copy, or imitation, seen through things like water or glass. It is also a key to learning.

    In life, we often reflect on our experiences. We think about choices that we made or things we did. Reflection allows us to learn to make changes, helps us to learn how to succeed and how to grow. These definitions of reflection are important in photography.

    Reflections are a powerful way to express new meaning to your photographs. People viewing your photographs may sit and wonder if what they are seeing is in fact what they think it is. They might not be sure what part of the photograph is a reflection, and which one is real. Using reflection in our photography can cause the viewer to reflect deeply on the images they are seeing. Sometimes, a good use of reflection can catch the eye and make the viewer stop and stare for long periods of time.

    This is a simple tool. It that can be found everywhere. Water is a great resource. Windows are another. Whatever your source for reflection, try out different angles; sometimes the first choice might not always bring forth the best result. Even after taking a few pictures you might find yourself reflecting on them, thinking up new ideas and angles that inspire you to move forward.

    Through all of this remember: sometimes the reflection isn’t showing us what we are or what our photographs are of, but of what they have the potential to become.

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