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    Russian Spirit

    Russian Spirit

    The modern world is really important to live in harmony with nature.

    In spite of the fact of living in the metropolis, which never sleeps, when we come to the countryside all problems are gone, and you just stay one by one with endless fields and trees. On these photos, we wanted to show the way a human can be a straight continuation of nature. Clothes also matter. Airy and simple, as same as your mood during your seclusion with the world. Inspiration and beauty are always around us, sometimes they are hidden in the most ordinary places, you just should see it.

    Photographer: Maria Popova | IG: @mary.popovaa


    Anastasia Polyakova

    Mila Filatova

    Style: Mila Filatova | IG: @trash.vintagee

    Make-up: Alyona Malysheva | IG: @iamnotalyona

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    Russian Spirit

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