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    10 Simple Tips To Improve Writing Skills In English For Students

    10 Simple Tips To Improve Writing Skills In English For Students

    Have you ever faced challenges in drafting an appealing academic essay? Or have you ever doubted your capabilities in delivering an outstanding assignment in English?

    You are not alone. Many international students, especially from non-English speaking countries, experience difficulties with written essays and assignments. The lack of mastery of the English language may derail you from achieving your goals. It is therefore important to improve your writing skills in English to attain academic excellence.

    It is important to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to determine your ability in written or spoken English. A resource like English with Lucy can give you plenty of ideas and help you in your journey. You should understand that writing and delivering an outstanding paper should not be such a significant challenge for you.

    There are several ways that you could adopt to improve your writing skills in English. The following is a list of 10 simple tips to improve your writing skills in English.

    How to Improve Writing Skills in English Effectively

    Extensive reading

    One of the main important tips to improve your writing skills is reading numerous texts. Through reading many resources, you will be able to improve in several aspects of English such as grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary. It will enable you to communicate effectively with the target audience. Additionally, through extensive reading, you will be able to benchmark your writing with similar articles. Reading numerous resources will enable you to emulate the authors.

    Avoid over-explaining

    Over-explaining everything would negatively impact your paper. Therefore, it is crucial to organize your thoughts in a way that communicates the message to the reader. Your paper should be easy to understand for the reader. It is therefore important to ensure that you do not fill the writing with trivial details that do not add any value to the argument.

    Do not include fillers and phrases

    Your paper mustn’t have fillers and unnecessary phrases. While such words may be necessary to support the paper or to make it interesting, the words do not add anything in terms of content. Ensure that your writing is free of such words to enhance the clarity and understandability of the paper.

    Choose the right words

    While writing your paper, ensure that you choose the right words based on the context. Ensure that you use simple words that are easy to grasp and understand. While it is important to ingrain vocabulary, it should not impact the readers’ ability to understand the concepts discussed. Vocabulary should not be used as a show-off, rather it should communicate the expertise of the writer on the subject matter.

    Use simple sentences

    Another important tip for improving your writing in the English language is through writing simple sentences. While experts may use compound and complex sentences, you need to keep your sentence simple and direct to the point. Short sentences that are less complicated are easy to write and read. Readers should not be disrupted by sentence fragmentation to ensure that they understand the contexts discussed.

    Online services could help you master this and other aspects of writing. They will help you realize substantial improvement in your academic performance. You will get numerous opportunities to interact with professionals in your field making your class work easier. Professionals offer services, such as essay writing, revising papers, proofreading, researching, and writing a paper from scratch. The experts have access to numerous educational resources such as books, journal articles, peer-reviewed papers, websites, and academic databases, which helps them in delivering outstanding research papers and essays. You can visit an academic writing service for more information and gain access to experts who will help you with your assignments in a professional way.

    Reading your essay aloud

    You should read your essay aloud to determine whether your paper has a smooth flow. Moreover, reading aloud may help you remember interesting and relevant facts that you may have forgotten. It will also help you to determine whether by using short sentences the paper sounds choppy, helping you to add transitional words to make the paper sound better. Additionally, reading your essay aloud will also help you in determining whether it needs to be written as a whole or in part.

    Have the reader in mind

    While writing your essay, it is important to have the reader in your mind. Anticipate the questions that the reader might have and provide the answers in your essay. Understand the targeted audience to help you in choosing the right words and tone. More importantly, having the audience in your mind will help you determine the kind of information that you will include in your writing. Besides, it will help you in arranging that information appealingly to attain the objective of the paper.  For instance, it will help you determine the extent of explanation required for the reader to understand the contents.

    Mastery of the content you are writing about

    You need to have an in-depth understanding of the content that you are writing about. Have a clear understanding of the purpose of the paper. You should be clear on what the paper needs to achieve and strategize on completing the paper to achieve its goal. Having a clear purpose for the paper from the onset is essential since it will help you to stick to the main ideas.

    Prepare an outline

    Preparing an outline will also help you to break down complex ideas into simple logical ones. Drafting notes will enable you to plan the main ideas that you need to discuss throughout your essay. It will allow you to arrange the ideas in a sequential manner and with a thoughtful flow. Moreover, it will help to identify the sources of information to be used in the entire essay. It will also help to identify weaknesses in the presented arguments. An outline will also help you save substantial time in the actual writing.


    Perhaps the most important tip to improve your writing is practice. Continuous practice through learning activities will help you become a more proficient writer. Begin by identifying your weaknesses and work towards improving your writing skills. Through continuous writing, editing, and proofreading, you will become a more proficient writer.

    By diligently following the 10 simple tips to improve writing skills in English identified above, you will improve your ability to write admirable essays. While it may seem like a challenging journey at the beginning, it will yield positive results with time. More importantly, you should continuously practice to keep on learning your weaknesses and correcting them.


    • Barbara Moriggan
      July 19, 2022

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    • Emilia
      February 1, 2023

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    • Adam
      May 14, 2023

      I want to note that the development of writing skills in oneself will be useful for each of us. For me, student time is the best time to start doing this. In addition, now there are many cool tools that will help you do this much easier and more interesting. I found an amazing community here and that’s exactly what helps me improve.

    • Henry Larry
      March 27, 2024

      Understanding the importance of mastery over the subject matter and the necessity of practice are invaluable insights for anyone striving to improve their writing prowess. This guide offers a solid foundation for skill development.
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