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    4 Benefits You Can Get From Playing Scrabble

    4 Benefits You Can Get From Playing Scrabble

    Scrabble is a fantastic game that is loved by people of all ages. First created in 1933, it has since sold over 150 million boards. Today, it is available in 121 countries and in 31 different languages.

    Not only is it a really fun game, it also provides all kinds of mental and social benefits that are not provided by other board games. It is a game that requires thinking, but is also very fun! You won’t be thinking “it’s like when I take my exam” when you play Scrabble. To help explain all the wonderful merits of playing Scrabble, here are four benefits you can get from playing it.

    1. Scrabble helps you practice your spelling

    Scrabble can be played by 2-4 people. Each player gets seven tiles, each of them with a different letter. They have to rearrange them to form words, which they then try to place on the board. This helps players to practice their spelling since only words that are spelled correctly can be used.

    Different people play by different rules, but often, any words that are suspected to be misspelled will be checked using a dictionary.

    Players’ spelling skills can advance at a rapid pace when playing Scrabble regularly because not only do they practice their own spelling, but they also learn from up to three other people’s words.

    2. It helps you build your vocabulary

    The best Scrabble players have really extensive vocabulary because they are able to make words no matter what tiles they get. Many Scrabble champions even carry word lists around and study them religiously. There is a free Scrabble word finder that is useful for anyone who is looking to expand their vocabulary to get better at Scrabble. You can also use tools that unscramble letters to words to help you learn new words to play in the game. For example, if you have the letters MDREA, it will unscramble those into the different words you can create, including the four 5 letter words you can create.

    The different letters in this game have different values depending on how many words use that letter. The letter ‘e,’ for example, is the most commonly found letter in the English language, so it only scores 1, whereas the letter ‘z,’ which occurs rarely, scores 10. Each letters score value can be found in the game instructions or websites such as, mot avec y

    Because of this, players will try to make words using their best letters, and so they will start to develop a vocabulary that includes rarer words. As players get better, especially when they are playing against other advanced players, they will learn words that they had never heard or seen before. That will not only benefit their results, but is also great in their everyday lives.

    3. Scrabble is a great game to play with friends 

    Scrabble is a fantastic game to play with friends because up to four people can play, and it is a really fun, competitive board game.

    One of the great qualities of Scrabble is that whilst it is challenging and definitely creates a competitive spirit, there usually aren’t the ups and downs that you get in games like Monopoly, which can lead to overreactions and arguments.

    Scrabble creates great conversations opportunities between groups of friends since it expends your vocabulary, especially when there are advanced players who have extensive vocabularies, which can start conversations on a huge range of different topics.

    4. Scrabble unites players of all ages

    Scrabble is a great game for uniting players of different ages. As long as you can spell, you can play! Many children and their parents play it together, and there are even children’s versions of the game to make it easier for them to win. It is a great way for parents to teach their children and to help them develop their spelling and vocabulary without the children even realizing it.

    Many parents pass their love of Scrabble down to their children and it is something that they share for life. Children learn best through games and when having fun, and so they will learn as they play. You can even play this game in teams, with one parent and one child against the other parent and another child. If the children are getting really good at it, they may even team up to take on their parents. Some families even keep running tallies of who has won the most games or bet on the result with candy or small amounts of money for fun.

    Overall, Scrabble is one of the most popular board games in the world for both children and adults. It is such a fun game to play, and it also provides many benefits to players.

    And you, how is your spelling?

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