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    6 Cleaning Secrets That Will Make Life Easier For Homeowners

    6 Cleaning Secrets That Will Make Life Easier For Homeowners

    Cleaning a home can be quite a hassle, especially if you have a big area to cover every time you tidy up.

    And especially in this time of the pandemic, we need to keep our homes perfectly clean to prevent the spread of any viruses that might potentially creep in.

    Don’t despair – there are tricks that can help you out that your mom and grandma probably never taught you, so listen well, because this is how to have a perfectly spotless home without breaking your back – or breaking the bank.

    All-purpose Cleaners

    Many of us walk down the supermarket aisles, and we see all the different cleaning products for different rooms in the house, different floors, and different uses. It’s like all we’re missing is a different cleaner for every day of the week! But in reality, all surfaces of the home can be divided into two categories: ones that need complete sanitization, and ones that don’t. The bathroom and kitchen generally need to be cleaned with some sort of alcohol, chlorine, or stronger detergent, while the floors and all other surfaces can be cleaned with a milder soap and water.

    You can make your own all-purpose cleaner and save up some money that way, but you’ll already be saving both money and time by just not falling for the marketing that tells you you need a million different products to have a clean home. While using an all-purpose cleaner, Home Viable recommends letting the cleaner settle in for a while and then simply removing it with a soft microfiber cloth.

    Regular Upkeep

    The best way to have a clean home is to keep it clean. If you just have a cleaning day once per week and you just don’t take care of anything the rest of the days, you will have a much bigger job overall. Instead, by adopting habits that keep the home clean over every day, it will be so easy to live in a clean space, and you won’t have to dread that one day of the week when you have to do a big cleaning spree. If, however, you just can’t bring yourself to keep things tidy and you don’t want to dread cleaning day, you can click here to find out about some options where professionals will come and make your home spotless instead of you. It’s a great option for busy people and those who just never learned the skills of good old tub scrubbing.

    Get Rid of Odors

    Sometimes, even when your home is clean, there are still odors. They might come from stains, or perhaps from deep within the furniture – which is especially common if you have pets. You can do a few things: Firstly, baking soda is your best friend with bad smells, so if you notice an odor coming from a drain, sprinkle some baking soda and wash it down with boiling water. As far as furniture goes, it’s a good idea to have it deep-cleaned professionally once every few years, and for a quick-fix, you can dampen the surface, sprinkle baking soda, and scrub well.

    Use Those Vacuum Adaptors

    Most vacuums come with a variety of adaptors or “heads” with different shapes and sizes and accompanied by brush bristles or other additions. All of these are so useful when you learn how to use them. You can vacuum your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, the inside of your computer, your ceiling, and every hard-to-reach corner of the home. It’s much quicker than wiping everything down with a rag, so get friendly with your vacuum and get down to business.

    Baby Wipes Work Magic

    If you ever get a spot on your couch, chair, or any other surface covered with fabric, baby wipes are the way to go. They are relatively low moisture and gentle, without any harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach, which is often an ingredient in regular cleaning wipes. Use them to spot-clean your surfaces quickly before stains set in.

    Choose Your Battles

    If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time making every inch of the house spotless, you have to choose your battles. Remember that the main purpose of cleaning is to keep everyone healthy, and the aesthetics take a second place. This means that if you don’t have the time to commit two hours to wash your windows – you can just pull the curtains and focus on more important things (a hot tip for getting rid of watermarks on windows is to use an old bunched-up newspaper!). This isn’t to say that it should never be cleaned, but we all need a break sometimes.

    Keeping a clean home will not only ensure your health, but it will help you be in a better mental space because our minds reflect the space around us. So take some time out of every day to tidy up and do your best to keep your home clean!

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