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    6 Literature Topic Ideas To Write Papers

    6 Literature Topic Ideas To Write Papers

    Students are often confused with the ideas for literature writing assignments.

    When the professors give the assignment to choose the most interesting topics, the majority of learners are in a panic. But do not worry. We are ready to help you find inspiration. After you read this article, the question “what topic to choose to write my papers?” will never come to your mind.

    Best Literature Ideas

    Here we will discuss the top 6 best ideas to choose as the next essay’s topic. Everything depends on what literature you are learning and the topic of your interest. But if you are totally confused with the question “What literature topic is the best choice to write my papers?”, find the answer in this list.

    Topics for Research (English Literature)

    If you need to write a paper for an English literature course, you can choose one of these research topics. For example, you can compare two of your favorite classic books. One more idea is to describe and analyze the main character.

    The lovers of poetry can choose one of the poets and analyze some of his works. Finally, you can choose the 5 best authors of a certain epoch and discuss some features that make them so special.

    Easy Topics to Choose

    Very often, students lack time and cannot read several books for analysis. We are ready to tell you what to do when you are confused with the question, “how can I write my papers on time?” Just choose one of these easy topics. For example, analyze the most famous detective novels and what made them so popular. One more idea is to describe three witches in Macbeth. Finally, you can always discuss your favorite Harry Potter books and compare them with movies.

    The Most Winning Topics Ever

    These topics will always be winning for the students with literature majors. Firstly, you can discuss Daoism in modern Chinese literature. One more perfect theme to write about is feminism in contemporary literature.

    You can also analyze how literature is perceived in the modern world. Finally, describing the gender issues in European literature will also help to write a profound research paper.

    Interesting Topics to Discuss

    If you want to impress your professor and get some extra points, you can focus on one of these interesting literature topics. Describe and analyze two masterpieces of contemporary literature. What is more, you can write about the notion of formalism in literature. One more good idea is to discuss the supernatural theme in Macbeth.

    All these topics will help you finish the written assignments, improve creative writing, and get a high grade.

    Topics for American Literature Research

    If you study American Literature, we prepared a list of the best topics to write my papers and get high marks. If you do not have any idea, choose one of these options:

    • Discuss the puritan themes;
    • Prepare the in-depth analysis of the colonial period in literature;
    • Analyze the main themes in Ernest Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea”;
    • Compare the eastern and western literature;
    • Focus on Latin American literature and define its specific features.

    European Literature Topics

    If you are interested in European literature, there are also plenty of ideas to choose from. For instance, you can discuss the peculiarities of the Medieval epoch in European literature. Also, you can compare European literature to American or British ones. One more nice topic to focus on is the Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Some Tips to Write a Perfect Essay

    Do not forget that academic writing should follow some rules. And if you miss some points, it will affect your final grade. There are also some recommendations that can make your essay correspond to all the requirements.

    Make an Outline of the Paper

    First of all, you need to make an outline of your future essay. Remember that a paper should consist of three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The main body usually takes 80 percent of the whole essay. Also, you need to split the main body into several paragraphs. Each of the paragraphs should have at least 3-4 sentences. Finally, the paragraph should have a topic and a concluding sentence. All these will help to make the paper well-structured and coherent.

    Write a Strong Thesis

    The next step is to write a strong thesis. It is usually the last 1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction. Remember that the thesis is a central opinion of your paper. This part of the paper plays a crucial role in the argumentative essay. You should define your position clearly, and it is almost impossible without a persuasive thesis.

    Write a Draft

    When you finish writing your essay, you should not perceive it as a final version of the paper. Look at this as a draft and think about how you can improve it. Proofreading should become your best friend.

    Re-read your essay mindfully several times. First of all, it will help detect minor mistakes or typos. Secondly, you will have a chance to evaluate the paper from the reader’s position. We recommend using platforms for essay editing that are the same helpful in detecting errors.

    Pay Attention to the Vocabulary

    One more important issue is to pay attention to the vocabulary of the paper. You should avoid using colloquial vocabulary, weak words, idioms, phrasal verbs, and so on. Do not overuse passive voice in your essay. In addition, forget about too long sentences with a complex grammar structure.

    Cite the Sources

    The final step is to make sure that you cited all the sources. Using quotes is a perfect opportunity to support your arguments with evidence. But if you forget about the rules of quotation, it will mean that your paper contains plagiarism.

    The formatting of the paper depends on the style mentioned in the instructions. So, follow the rules while quoting the literature source or making a reference page.

    Final Words

    Now you have plenty of ideas to discuss in the next written assignments. All you need is to research and unite all your thoughts in the essay. Remember about the small tips on how to format the paper and follow the requirements for academic writing.

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