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    7 Low-Impact Sports For All Ages

    7 Low-Impact Sports For All Ages

    Low-impact sports cause minimal impact to joints.

    This can make them a good choice of sport as we get older. However, low-impact sports aren’t just for older people – in fact, they can be enjoyed by all ages.

    Below are just 7 examples of low-impact sports.


    Walking may not seem like a sport to many people – but it can be. It promotes many of the same health benefits as running without putting as much pressure on the foot and knee joints. Nordic walking and racewalking are just two examples of walking sports that can be done competitively or for leisure.


    Swimming puts very little pressure on joints due to the buoyancy of the water while exercising every muscle in the body. This makes it a great low-impact sport to try. You can practice different strokes ranging from front crawl to breaststroke. Make sure to buy yourself a decent pair of goggles and a swimming cap if you’re going to be swimming regularly. This guide offers more advice on getting into swimming


    Another low-impact sport to try is archery. Archery is great for exercising arm and core muscles and has a fun competitive element to it, while not putting too much pressure on joints. You’ll need to hire or buy yourself a compound bow – you can learn more about compound bows here. Search online for archery ranges near you to give this sport a go.  If archery is something that you are interested in, it’s worth spending some time reading about archery to learn more. has some brilliant reading material to help you get to know archery more.


    A very popular low impact sport is golf. While swinging a golf club doesn’t require too much physical exertion, you can get a lot of exercise from it simply from carrying your clubs and walking between holes. You can hire golf clubs or buy your own clubs. This guide explains exactly which golf clubs you’ll need. Look for golf courses near you today and book a game.


    Dancing can be a great form of exercise. There are many different types of dancing that you can look into from Zumba to ballroom dancing. Some styles of dancing are likely to be better on the joints than others – you can find lots of low-impact dance workouts online. Dancing is also something you can do competitively. Look into dance studios near you to see what classes are being hosted.


    Cycling could be another low-impact sport to consider. You can burn more calories cycling than doing almost any other sport (check out some of the other great reasons to try cycling here). You’ll need a bike of course – this could be a road bike if you want to stick to roads or a mountain bike if you want the option to go off-road.


    Known for its slow movements made up of postures and flowing sequences, yoga can be a great low-impact sport for exercising the entire body. You can practice yoga anywhere – making it a very versatile form of exercise. Look into yoga classes in your local area and give it a go.

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