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    New Year, Used Car: 8 Reasons Why Buying A Used Vehicle Is The Way To Go In 2022

    New Year, Used Car: 8 Reasons Why Buying A Used Vehicle Is The Way To Go In 2022

    If you are considering buying a new car, the question you first need to answer is “should I go for a new or used vehicle?”

    While this is the most common question buyers ask, its answer is not always the easiest one to give. Indeed, it all depends on your goals, needs, and lifestyle expectations. However, the reputation that used cars have has been changing a lot during the past years, also thanks to the high visibility of public reviews, history of the vehicle, and past ownership.

    Because of this, today, they represent a valid alternative to new vehicles. So, it isn’t surprising that, over the past two years, the used car market has seen unprecedented growth! While buying a second-hand car can be extremely beneficial, there are several factors to keep into consideration. In the sections below, you can learn all you need about making a safe and convenient purchase.

    Buying a Used Car Is More Environmentally Friendly

    It is easy to fall for the marketing campaigns designed to enhance the features of new cars. Indeed, most marketing messages and campaigns today are created to hit a customer’s soft spot: the one for living a more eco-friendly life.

    While the low energy rating and marketing messages might be appealing, investing in a used car is the best way to reduce the strain of driving a vehicle on the environment. And, for more than a reason:

    • Some older car models, especially those created in the late 90s and early 2000s have better fuel efficiency than some newer models
    • Hybrid cars might seem more sustainable – but they are only so when they are already on the road. Their built and construction can be highly damaging to the environment
    • Using and reusing something that has already been produced is always the best way to reduce the environmental impact of new goods

    Greater Availability of Models Within Your Price Range

    If you are investing in a new vehicle for your family, you are about to face significant expenses. However, it is important for the car you buy not to become a financial burden that could potentially throw your finances off balance. In this case, buying an older, used car can help you pick the perfect vehicle at the right price for your needs and budget.

    Thanks to platforms like eBay and Craigslist, there is more than one alternative for you to find the perfect model and trim level for your needs. Get started with a Google search to pinpoint the right vehicle, but, if you have never bought a used car before, make sure you are consulting an experienced dealer to be clear on what to expect.

    Make Sure To Partner With an Expert Dealer

    As we have seen above, many reasons make buying a used car the perfect choice for any buyer. However, buying a used car from a private seller can come with its fair share of challenges – especially if you have never bought a second-hand car before and you don’t know what to look for. Of course, most sellers are honest and trustworthy. However, you might always run the risk of being lied to about the vehicle’s mileage, history, and registration. To mitigate these risks, consider buying from a used car dealer you can trust.

    In this case, buying a used car from an experienced and certified dealer can take away all the stress and doubts that might be associated with buying a second-hand car. If you are still not sure about what to expect from an expert used car dealer, click here and learn all you need about shopping for a used car.

    Low Price and Depreciation Means More Savings

    When buying a car, its price tag is not the only cost you’ll face. Indeed, the cost of ownership can be as great as the cost of the car itself at the end of the vehicle’s life! A car’s cost of ownership derives from many factors, including insurance, tax, fees, and maintenance costs. However, one of the most significant expenses associated with buying a car is its value depreciation.

    When buying a new car, by the time you have driven the vehicle home from the dealership, it would have lost over 11% of its value. And, it continues to lose more value as time passes! However, when buying a used car, most of the depreciation has already happened. This means that your car won’t lose a lot more value over time – if properly maintained.

    You Can Have Better Expectations of Its Long-Term Performance

    New cars might seem like a long-lasting investment, especially because marketing campaigns tend to highlight the new technology used and systems integrated. However, when shopping for older, second-hand cars, you will have a better understanding of how long, in fact, that car can last. Indeed, new models might be the best in class, but nobody can know how long they will be reliable before needing replacement. Older models have been tried, tested, and reviewed!

    You Can Be Sure About The Car’s History

    Thanks to new systems, there isn’t much that you can’t know about the car’s history. By partnering with an expert used cars dealer, you can find out everything about the car’s history, including accidents, warranties, repairs, maintenance, and past ownerships.

    You Can Still Make the Most of Warranties

    No matter whether you are buying a new or used car, you will always have to invest in basic car maintenance, professional checks, and repairs to keep your vehicle in tip-top conditions.

    One of the reasons why many buyers opt for new cars is that they are convinced that this is the only way to benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. However, older cars that have been properly maintained, tested, and certified will also benefit from an extended warranty that can cover maintenance and repairs in case you need it.

    Might Be Perfect for Conversions

    There are many reasons why a used car can be the right choice for your needs. If you are looking for an inexpensive family car, opting for a used model allows you to pick a car created by a renowned manufacturer while keeping safety standards high and costs low. However, if you are looking for a vehicle to customize, convert, and modify, older cars might be the perfect choice for your needs. Just bear in mind that you might need a different kind of insurance policy!

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