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    Efficient Ways To Heat Up Any Place In The House

    Efficient Ways To Heat Up Any Place In The House

    People now understand the fact that they do not have to be environmentalists before they implement energy cost-saving methods for your home.

    Homeowners now know applying green practices is not only healthy for them and the environment but also helps save a lot of money that would have been spent on energy bills.

    Homeowners can save a great amount of money but the real amount they manage to save depends on:

    1. The energy cost-saving methods they know about
    2. The level of change they are willing to accommodate.

    Greening up your house requires making certain changes but some of these changes are usually not welcome by some homes. Also because greening up your house is expensive in the short term, many homes ignore the long term gains rather than choosing to focus on the NOW.

    “Greening up” your house will help you save a lot of money but how do you heat up your house efficiently in the cold winter times or during the fall without burning too much money?

    In this article, we will take a look at some efficient ways to heat up any part of your house and without having to spend overly too much to do so.


    Heaters will cost you money but will help warm up your house. Some of them are not overly expensive, and with a bit of research online or offline, you can find good heaters that will serve you for several years to come. For instance, you can buy an electric Patio heater for your home. Some of them cost as little as $250 on Amazon. However, before paying for a patio heater, you should know certain things to look for in a patio heater. Some of the things to look out for are – how durable is it? You certainly do not want to be spending money on a heater every year, which are the best brands models, which stores stock the best ones, etc.

    If you are buying the freestanding patio heaters, you must critically consider the fact that patio heaters are more effective when put in a covered outdoor area, you should consider the size of your patio before paying for a patio heater at all.

    Your curtains

    One of the ways to heat any part of your house is to use curtains. Thick curtains will help ensure your room or any other part of your house does not lose heat. The thicker the curtains you use, the more heat you keep in your house. However, if you already have curtains and do not want to spend money on new curtains, you can easily line up the current ones with cheap fleece.

    And still, on curtains, you should ensure not only your windows have curtains, but you can also place curtains in front of your doors as well, it helps ensure heat doesn’t escape from the doors.

    Sun Light

    Although we recommend using thick curtains on your windows and doors we also recommend allowing sunlight in. One of the most natural ways to heat your house is to take advantage of the sun. To do this, you need to open up your curtains during the day so sunlight can get in and help heat up your room or the whole house.

    Invest in quality windows

    When it comes to window energy efficiency, quality is key. Most people don’t realize that investing in the right type of windows for their property can greatly reduce heat loss. It’s worth understanding window energy efficiency and doing some research to find out which type of windows are best suited for your home. There are several types of high-efficiency windows available on the market today, including double-glazed and triple-glazed windows. Additionally, you may want to consider investing in window coverings such as blinds or shades that are designed to reduce heat loss from your windows. This will help keep your home warm during the winter months and cool in the summer.

    Is furniture blocking your radiators?

    You may already know this but if you do not already know, placing large pieces of furniture in front of your radiators will reduce the heat in your room.  Sofas are known to have the ability to absorb heat hence you must clear your radiators. By moving your furniture that is blocking the radiator, you are automatically allowing hot air to circulate freely and help heat up your room. Aside from moving or removing any furniture that is blocking the radiator, you should also ensure your curtains are not blocking the radiator. Keeping your curtains away from the radiator helps you get the maximum benefit from the Sun.

    Close cracks in your window frame

    Are there any cracks in your window frame? Close them up as they let heat out of the house. Cracks will not only let heat out, but they will also allow chilly winds to get into the house which is okay in the summer but something you certainly do not want in the winter or fall. You can check for cracks on your windows and or doors using a candle or flashlight, this is better done at night though. You can get someone, a friend or a relative or neighbor to stand on the other end of your flash or candlelight, if they can see the light from the other side it means there is a crack and you need to seal it up.

    You do not have to burn too much cash to heat up your room. By taking certain measures, some of which are listed above for you, you will be able to heat up your house without spending money and if you have to spend, it will be little.

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