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    A Whole New Dimension to Your Family History with 3D

    A Whole New Dimension to Your Family History with 3D

    Have you ever stared at a traditional family tree chart and felt lost?

    Names and dates can be overwhelming, primarily when visualizing how everyone connects. You may have tried different software programs to build your family tree, but something feels missing.

    This is where Progeny Genealogy’s software, with its innovative 3D family tree view, can be a game-changer. It’s more than just a fancy gimmick – it’s a new way to experience and understand your family history.

    Beyond the Flat Chart

    Imagine your family tree as a flat piece of paper with names and lines connecting them. This is the traditional approach, and while it serves a purpose, it can feel static and confusing, especially with larger families.

    Progeny’s 3D view takes your family tree and adds depth, literally. Instead of everything crammed onto one page, your family unfolds in a three-dimensional space. Think of it like a family reunion, but everyone is neatly organized for easy viewing!

    Benefits of Seeing Your Family Tree in 3D

    There are several advantages to using Progeny’s 3D family tree view:

    • Visually Stunning: Let’s face it, a 3D family tree is simply more engaging. It adds a visual element that makes family history more interesting, especially for younger generations.
    • Improved Understanding of Relationships: Seeing your family tree in 3D allows you to grasp how different branches connect easily. You can see how siblings are positioned about each other and how spouses and their families fit into the bigger picture.
    • Focus on Specific Family Lines: Unlike flat charts, where everything competes for space, the 3D view allows you to zoom in and focus on specific family lines. Want to explore your maternal grandmother’s side? Rotate and zoom in to see her ancestors and descendants in detail.
    • Enhanced Memory and Retention: Studies have shown that visual learning is more effective for many people. Seeing the relationships in 3D can help you remember names, dates, and connections more easily.
    • Interactive Exploration:  Progeny’s 3D view isn’t just static. You can rotate, zoom, and navigate through your family tree. This allows you to explore different branches quickly and uncover hidden connections.

    Bringing Your Family History to Life

    The 3D view is just one of the many features Progeny offers to make researching and presenting your family history more engaging. You can:

    • Add Photos and Stories: Bring your ancestors to life by attaching photos and personal stories to their profiles in your 3D tree. Seeing faces and reading stories helps create a deeper connection to your family history.
    • Create Multimedia Presentations: Use Progeny’s tools to generate stunning presentations that showcase your family tree in 3D with photos, stories, and timelines. Share these presentations with family reunions, on social media, or simply for enjoyment.

    Getting Started with Progeny’s 3D Family Tree

    Using Progeny’s 3D family tree is easy and intuitive. The software guides you through entering family information, and the 3D view automatically updates as you add new relatives.

    Here’s a quick overview of what to expect:

    1. Enter Information: Add family members, including essential details like names, dates, and locations.
    2. Build Your Tree: Progeny automatically builds your family tree in a clear and organized 3D layout as you add information.
    3. Explore in 3D: Navigate your 3D family tree by rotating, zooming, and clicking on individual profiles to see detailed information.
    4. Enrich Your Story: Add photos, stories, and multimedia to your profiles to personalize your family history.
    5. Share Your Discoveries: Use Progeny’s tools to create presentations or reports to share your family tree with others.

    Progeny’s 3D family tree is more than just a way to visualize your family history. It’s a tool that can help you connect with your ancestors on a deeper level, understand your family dynamics, and create a lasting legacy for future generations.


    Traditionally, family history research involved dusty archives and handwritten notes. Today, technology offers powerful tools like Progeny Genealogy software to bring your family story to life. The 3D family tree view is a groundbreaking feature that allows you to visualize your ancestry in an engaging, informative, and unforgettable way. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your research journey, Progeny’s 3D view can revolutionize how you experience your family history. It helps you see the bigger picture, understand connections, and create a lasting record for future generations.

    So, why ditch the flat charts and delve into the exciting world of 3D family trees? With Progeny, you can embark on a captivating adventure through time, uncovering the stories of those who came before you. Start your free trial today and see the magic of family history unfold in a whole new dimension!

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