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    Here’s Why Dental Implants Are Becoming In-Demand

    Here’s Why Dental Implants Are Becoming In-Demand

    People with missing teeth have a wide array of replacement options, thanks to the advancements in the dental field.

    One of the most outstanding replacement options is the use of dental implants. Dental implants are high-tech artificial posts or frames, which resemble the actual tooth structure. When you have damaged or some missing teeth, a dentist usually positions them surgically beneath the gum to provide support to the artificial teeth.

    Dental implants are not new in the dental world. Dentists have been using them since their invention in 1952, although they have undergone several modifications to enhance their functional and aesthetic benefits. On that note, here are the main advantages of dental implants.

    They are Comfortable and Have a Natural Appearance

    Dental implants resemble natural teeth. They give the patient the confidence to smile, to eat, and to engage in various social activities comfortably. Unlike dentures, the patient does not need to worry about the implants falling because they are well fixed. As referenced on, the implants blend well with the natural teeth, especially when an expert fits them. Such comfort allows you to continue with your daily activities without the fear of getting embarrassment while talking or eating.

    They are Long-Lasting

    Dental implants provide a long-lasting solution to the missing teeth. Some solutions, such as dentures and dental bridges, can only last for a maximum of 10 years. When the period expires, the patient incurs additional costs in getting a new set of other dentures or bridges. Implants consist of titanium, which makes it a powerful and long-lasting tooth replacement method. A properly fitted implant or restorative fillings can withstand the chewing pressure of different types of food, including the crunchy vegetables and whole grains for more than 40 years.

    They Improve the Appearance of Facial Features.

    Dental implants do not cause any adverse effects on the appearance of the face. This is because they effectively preserve the tissues, hence minimizing the need for resizing the adjacent teeth. Besides, the implants preserve the facial bones to prevent facial sagging, which takes place in the jaws with time. The bone loss in the jaws also happens when one has missing teeth, and there are no implants to stimulate the bones. According to studies, the patients who spent the first year after tooth loss without the implants lose up to 25% of the bone area space. Dental implants can prevent that loss, and thus maintain the beautiful appearance of your face.

    They Support the Adjacent Teeth and Prevent Gum Infection

    People with missing teeth risk losing the adjacent teeth if they do not take quick action. When chewing, the teeth near the gap become weak and might develop problems with time. A dental implant provides maximum support to those teeth, and thus, allows people to carry out their regular chewing practices with ease. The implant also keeps your mouth free from infections by blocking the tooth gap, which attracts most of the oral bacteria. If you have missing more than one tooth in a row, an expert dentist in Ocala Florida would recommend having implant bridges on your teeth. This will be more ideal in keeping your teeth healthy.

    They Have a Higher Rate of Success

    The success rate for dental implants is relatively higher when compared to that of the other tooth replacement options. The fact that they can stay in the mouth for more than forty years is an apparent sign of quality as well. Besides, most of the people who use them have not experienced any side effects or other adverse effects that might affect their health, provided that they follow the doctor’s advice.

    They are Cost-Effective

    The initial costs of the implants may indeed be higher than that of dentures and the other missing tooth solutions. A single implant usually costs between $1,500 to $2,000 per implant. Why dental implants are so expensive? Compared to other procedures, dental implants require more time and precision for complete healing. However, it can save money in the long run since you will not need to frequently replace them and the maintenance requirements are minimal. Just like the healthy teeth, you only need to brush and floss at least twice per day and observe regular dental visits twice per year.

    The demand for dental implants has been increasing due to the above benefits. Of course, there are other benefits that the user can enjoy while using them, although the ones mentioned above are the main ones. If you have a missing tooth, do not suffer in silence. Look for the most reputable dental expert for an examination. You can compare different dental clinics in terms of their costs and experience of the process. If need be, your dentist will recommend the best dental implants for you, according to how many teeth you are missing. Everyone can use them, provided that their jaw is strong enough to support the implants.

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    • Emma
      January 6, 2023

      This result is really durable, which is why many people dream of veneers. In many cases, thanks to modern medicine, it is possible to save, cure and restore your teeth as well. All professional tools are here to be able to provide you with the best treatment.

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