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    Going Solo: A Guide To Living Alone For The First Time

    Going Solo: A Guide To Living Alone For The First Time

    There’s a huge sense of freedom that comes with living alone for the first time. Unfortunately, with that freedom comes a lot more responsibility too!

    And while realtors like Compass firmly believe that there’s a perfect solo place for everyone, you’ll need to stick to a few of these helpful tips to make the most of living alone.

    Budgeting is extremely important

    In the past, you may have budgeted reasonably well, but had some wiggle room for ‘just because’ purchases. If you’re living alone, this can become a little trickier to manage. Try to write out a tight budget that includes all outgoings, but also includes some ‘what if’ cash you can put to one side in case the unexpected should happen.

    The right neighborhood matters

    Due to these budgetary constraints, some people feel the urge to simply take the cheapest place they can find. But while cost is important, you don’t want to move somewhere without checking out the neighborhood first.

    Consider how easy your daily commute will be, and how safe you feel at night around the area itself. If the vibe isn’t quite right, can you hold out for something you’ll feel more comfortable with?

    Be social but stay safe

    Of course, you want to appear friendly and approachable to your new neighbors, but it’s also perfectly normal to feel worried about being alone in a new building or home. Many people feel more comfortable changing the locks of the house or installing some simple but effective security devices.

    Decorating has never been more fun

    Was there a reading nook you always wanted but your ex-partner wasn’t keen on it? Or maybe your last roommate didn’t like your decorating ideas. Did your parents always say no to having that gaming room you’ve secretly been yearning for?

    Well, there’s no one stopping you now! Think of living alone as the chance to really make your place feel custom-made to your wants and needs. Be as creative or stylish as you please, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

    Stock up on some ‘just in case’ supplies

    If you’re living alone then stocking up on toiletries, medicines, and other medical supplies should be a priority. There’s nothing worse than being sick and realizing that there’s nothing for you in any of the cupboards to make you feel a little better. Prepare now, and save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

    Loneliness is perfectly normal

    If you’ve never experienced living alone before, it can be incredibly exciting. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also rather isolating at times. If you’re used to living in a busy family house, or shared accommodation of some kind, it’s perfectly natural to feel lonely as you adjust to your new surroundings.

    Schedule online calls with friends. Look into local community activities. Enjoy the independence but don’t start to remove yourself from socializing entirely. In no time, you’ll have all the benefits of living alone without ever feeling like you’re on your own.

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