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    How To Quickly Organize A Spring Cleaning Of Your Entire House

    How To Quickly Organize A Spring Cleaning Of Your Entire House

    With the coming of new seasons, you have a ton of new chores to get done.

    Spring comes with bright colors, birds chirping, blooming flowers, and the need to clean the house to make it breathe after winter. We all dread this daunting task as it requires a lot of effort and we don’t know where to start and what to do. Spring cleaning is not only a tradition that makes our homes feel fresh, but it’s also important to make it a healthy place for our families. It’s time to open your windows and the cleaning supplies cabinet and follow these tips to organize a spring cleaning quickly.

    Create a Checklist

    Planning for your spring cleaning will make the process go faster and more efficiently. List all the tasks you need to do in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and any other room around the house. Write down the materials and supplies you need to use. Being prepared will help you feel confident about finishing your spring cleaning quickly and efficiently.

    Clean One Room at a Time

    Cleaning different rooms around the house at the same time can be overwhelming or have you forgetting important tasks. By revising the checklist, you will be able to identify the things you need to do and to deep clean the room well. Cleaning room by room will give you a sense of achievement which will motivate you to keep doing a great job. You can start with rooms that require minimal cleaning to feel you’re finishing your tasks quickly.

    You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

    Unless you live by yourself, you should ask everyone to participate in this tradition. Make it a family tradition that every member of the family will have responsibilities and tasks to do when spring cleaning. Young children can be extremely useful by handing them tasks appropriate to their age in which they will feel useful and you will teach them how to be responsible.

    Handle the Clutter Efficiently

    When you finish spring cleaning, you will be left with boxes and boxes of clutter. If you don’t know what to do with them, it will be a headache for you. One efficient way to handle clutter is hiring a skip which will get this burden off your shoulders. It will be a clean and easy way to get rid of all the clutter without making an effort. You can also donate what you don’t need or store things you think you will need in the future.

    Start With Chores You Procrastinate About

    Some chores feel tedious and you keep postponing them over and over again. When you start spring cleaning, start with these chores so you don’t feel guilty about not doing them (again!) and your house will look cleaner. Everyone has chores they procrastinate over – whether it’s toilet cleaning, cabinet wiping, or cleaning windows. Finishing any of these procrastinated chores will make you feel energized and proud, which will push you to do more.

    Don’t Buy More Supplies Than You Need

    Shopping is fun whether it’s buying clothes, groceries, or cleaning supplies. If you need cleaning supplies for your spring cleaning, you need to keep it to a minimum. Spending on specialized products and a wide range of cleaning supplies will leave you with clutter that you don’t know where to store. You won’t get to use most of the products, as multi-purpose cleaners will make your job easier. Buy microfiber cloths because they work well to clean anything around the house.

    Divide Your Day

    Our energy levels change throughout the day as we feel more energized in the morning and we keep losing energy during the day until we sleep. Divide your day into morning, afternoon, and evening. Schedule labor-intensive tasks in the morning as you’ll have the ability to finish them quickly. Any lifting, pushing, or tasks that need physical strength should be done in the morning, while tasks that need focus should be scheduled for the afternoon. Dusting and cleaning certain spots require focus, so do them in the afternoon for the best results. You will want to wind down in the evening, so do chores that require minimal focus or physical effort such as taking out garbage, vacuuming, or replacing bedding.

    Getting ready for spring cleaning and planning it thoroughly will make the whole process easier and faster. Start planning before doing anything to know what supplies you need and which tasks to do first. Make sure to make your family help you to finish spring cleaning in no time while everyone is having fun.

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    • Bobby Jefferson
      August 18, 2022

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