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    The Best Ways To Keep Your Office Restroom Clean

    The Best Ways To Keep Your Office Restroom Clean

    Restrooms are a great necessity in any workplace, as nature’s call isn’t something that can be avoided.

    However, an office is a shared place, meaning employees share the same restrooms. So, they should be well maintained to prevent contracting diseases. Besides promoting health and hygiene, a clean restroom creates a good impression on the company and its employees.

    On the other hand, an unkept bathroom can change a person’s opinion about an organization. You don’t want clients and customers to view your company negatively. Therefore, always ensure your office bathroom is kept tidy and clean. 

    To help you, below are simple ways to improve your office bathroom’s hygiene and cleanliness. 

    Create A Cleaning Schedule

    Creating a workable and consistent cleaning schedule is the first step in maintaining an office restroom. The schedule must include routine spot cleaning, daily cleaning, and deep cleaning tasks to ensure every aspect of the bathroom is kept clean. Routine spot cleaning is a quick wipe-down of messy spots at different times of the day. This cleaning is performed at intervals throughout the day. The interval range depends on the traffic flow in the restroom. 

    Daily cleaning is more intense than routine cleaning, and it’s done when there’s less traffic in the restroom. Daily cleaning entails emptying the trash, restocking supplies, and sanitizing bathroom areas susceptible to bacteria, gum disease, and viruses, such as urinals, door handles, toilets, and light switches. It would be best to sweep or vacuum the washrooms to remove excess dirt, then mop the floor to make it clean. 

    Deep cleaning is more thorough than daily cleaning and should be performed at intervals of about two to three weeks. While it’s possible for your cleaning staff to deep clean, the task is best handled by experts such as day porter services. Professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and right equipment to maintain your office bathroom. Deep cleaning entails dusting ceilings, fans, corners, vents, and door frames and wiping down the entire toilet. It also entails handling any repairs, such as broken fixtures.

    Provide Adequate Cleaning Materials

    Another effective way to keep your office restroom clean is by providing enough cleaning supplies. These include wipes, trash bags, disinfectant sprays, paper towels, glass cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners. Providing these supplies makes it easier for your cleaning staff to perform their job effectively.

    Moreover, ensure these supplies are easily accessible by storing them in a suitable location. It encourages your employees to clean up after using the restroom, thus helping maintain a clean bathroom. Finally, replace artificial cleaners with natural cleaners to improve your employees’ health and reduce their environmental impact.

    Get Your Employees Involved

    Although it’s the cleaning staff’s job to maintain and clean office restrooms, employees must also be motivated to help. It can be done by posting restroom etiquette reminders, reminding employees to dispose of trash properly, and setting an example. If all your employees incorporate these small habits, it’ll be easy to maintain a clean and healthy bathroom.

    During employee visits, you can encourage them to keep the bathroom clean by wiping excess soap drippage, reporting any bathroom mess, and wiping wet countertops.

    Ensure Adequate Ventilation

    Ventilation is crucial to maintaining a healthy and clean office bathroom. A poorly ventilated restroom becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, causing unpleasant odors. Adequate ventilation removes moisture and enhances air circulation, preventing mold and bacteria growth. It also eliminates bad smells, making the restroom more inviting for visitors and associates.  

    Moreover, ventilation prevents damage to bathroom fixtures by removing moisture that causes corrosion and rust. To promote adequate ventilation, the restroom must have enough air circulation, and the ventilation systems should be in good condition.  

    Hire Professional Cleaners

    While it’s possible to effectively maintain an office bathroom with your cleaning staff, hiring professional cleaners has extra benefits. For instance, professional cleaners have the knowledge, expertise, and specialized equipment to clean and disinfect your bathroom to a high standard.   

    Additionally, professional cleaners have a specialized cleaning checklist and use high-quality products to ensure all surfaces are sparkling clean and stainless. Moreover, professional cleaners can identify and repair potential maintenance issues, preventing the problems from escalating further. Finally, hiring professional cleaners reduces your employees’ workload, allowing them to focus on their duties. It boosts productivity and job satisfaction. 

    Invest In Newer Technologies And Equipment

    Utilizing newer technology and equipment improves your office bathroom’s hygiene in the modern world. It entails installing hands-free fixtures such as automatic soap dispensers, doors, faucets, toilet flushing, and hand dryers. It helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria throughout the bathroom. These fixtures enhance good hygiene and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Moreover, hand-free fixtures minimize the time and effort used to maintain the restroom. They’re easier to clean and require little care.  


    Maintaining a clean office bathroom is crucial for good hygiene, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria, and creating a good impression on visitors and associates. Therefore, consider implementing the above tips for a cleaner and safer bathroom.

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