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    Main Causes Of Forced Migration For The Homeless

    Main Causes Of Forced Migration For The Homeless

    Throughout history, people have been displaced and forced out of their homes because of causes and forces beyond their control.

    In modern times, people are still being swayed out of their homes due to the same reasons our ancestors experienced. Although the times have shifted and a lot of things have improved, this is still a global issue yet to be resolved.

    It is difficult to predict when mass homelessness will totally go extinct as a social problem. As long as the current issues are not addressed and the future is not guaranteed, there is a possibility that the cycle will continue and endanger the lives of people. Here are the main reasons for the forced migration that renders people homeless:

    War & Conflict

    It’s unimaginable to think that in our era, war and conflict still exists. The number of refugees that are affected is large and most of them get stuck in their country because of their limited mobility and strict zoning and boundary regulations of other countries. This is something difficult to prepare for because no one really knows what to do if war breaks out. There are instances when a person gets stuck in an airport because their country is no longer recognized as a government in another. Most refugees experience problems that are disabling and traumatizing. They lose their possession, home, lands, and in the most extreme cases, their family.

    Economic and Social Circumstances

    Part of economic and social circumstances that render homeless to its citizens are problems with poverty, racism, religious persecutions, and ostracization. This is a common pathway for people to leave to avoid going totally homeless and migrate to another country. The experts from rubicon migration state that working on a specific visa in order to migrate would include a process that would point you in the right direction despite any migration dilemma you are facing. It is possible then to escape the face of economic and social tribulations in your community by moving into a country that is more tolerant and acceptable.

    Volcanic Eruption, Earthquake or other Calamities

    Natural calamities have catastrophic effects on people, their livelihood and their country’s economy. The force of nature is merciless and spares no one. The most disturbing thing is, no one could accurately predict when they will hit and how large they could damage. This is especially true for earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. There is no recovery from the mess they can create, stretches of land can be buried under molten rubble and flood. It could force residents to seek refuge in another place or country because their entire community is already devastated.

    If these things are not going to stop in the foreseeable future, then it would be difficult to stop people from suffering homelessness and devastation. They can rebuild again from the ground up or they can leave and seek better opportunities elsewhere. The new age could bring more hope for them if help could be given so that they can have hope for a new beginning.

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